Saptami-Special Hairstyles For Pandal Hopping

Saptami-Special Hairstyles For Pandal Hopping

This blog will enlighten you on Saptami-special hairstyles for pandal hopping.

With the season of Kashphul ornamenting the scenic beauty of Bengal, it calls for the arrival of Maa Durga. Usually, we deck up for the four significant days of puja – Sasthi, Saptami, Ashtami, and Nabami. We get our dresses, shoes, cosmetics, makeup all sorted. But hardly, we throw a glance at what we would do with our hair. Here we are to turn up with suggestions on different hairstyles you can pair up with your varied palate of dresses.

Pandal hopping is a must in puja. But amidst the crowd, hustle-bustle of the city, often your makeup gives up, your hair becomes frizzy, you sweat out badly. So, whichever hairstyle you choose, you should be able to carry that successfully. 


  • Wet and loose – On Sasthi, if you choose to wear any Indo-western dress, you can keep your hair wet and keep it loose on your shoulders. It is a special Bong style to flaunt your long, black, beautiful hair. But make sure your hair is smooth and frizz-free. Use Oshea Herbals hair serum to obtain your desired look in one go.
  • Hair straightening – To look trendy and stylish, straighten your hair. You can either do it on your own or seek help from a nearby parlor to steal the show. Straightened hair looks smart, smooth, and shiny. It brings a variation to your face contour.
  • Low messy bun – This is the hairstyle that is running high in popularity these days. Even B-Town celebs seem to be extremely fond of low messy buns with fringes. If you are opting for fashionable chiffon, this hairstyle is the best to hook on. It looks sassy, appealing and makes you younger-looking.
  • Side messy hairdo – Another mesmerizing way to enthrall others is to decorate your bun with flowers which is so much of a Bong style. Try this sidewise bun and embellish it with your favorite flowers. Make yourself and your bun look more attractive.

Saptami-Special Hairstyles For Pandal Hopping

Some must-have tricks at home to conquer these hairstyles

Getting any hairstyle perfect is easy when you have the perfect hair. Dry, frizzy hair will never support any hairstyle properly. So, get hold of these products and deliver your desired hairdo with swag.


  • Hair Serum – Hair serums work effectively on dry and frizzy hair. It adds hydration and moisture to each hair strand while protecting from excess sun damage, pollution, dirt, dust particles, and so on. It also induces shine and radiance. Watch out for the latest Oshea Herbals list of hair serums.

  • Hair Mask – It’s utterly important to use a hair mask for softer, smoother, and shinier hair. Hair masks are filled with nutrition that helps to nourish your hair and ultimately makes it easier to support any hairstyle you opt for. Try using herbal hair maks to ensure protection from chemical damage. 

  • Hair Gel – Hair gel is one of the hair-styling essentials. Hair gel does a great job in shaping your hair the way you want. Whenever it becomes difficult to add style to your damp hair, hair gels can do wonders. Carry Oshea Herbals hair gel in your hair styling kit and experiment with it.

  • Hair spray – Hair sprays help in keeping your hairstyle intact. Heavy-weighted hair sprays help in volumizing hair while light-weighted hair sprays help in maintaining the style you want. Hair sprays continue to add grip to your style until you use shampoo to wash it.


  • Dry Shampoo – Dry shampoos help in eradicating excess oil in your hair along with reducing greasiness. It is better when you use dry shampoo on the roots. Applying it to the hair directly can damage the texture.

 So, Oshea Herbals comes with a list full of recommendations about Saptami-special hairstyles and the basic steps to get those hairstyles perfectly. Learn with us to style beyond your limits.


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