5 Reasons Why You Should Oil Your Hair

5 Reasons Why You Should Oil Your Hair

5 Reasons Why You Should Oil Your Hair:

For ages, grandmothers had a unique way of showering love for their granddaughters. It might appear trivial today but massaging the scalp with natural ingredients made of hair oil until every strand of your hair is replenished with nutrition is indeed an epitome of filial affection.

Unfortunately, 21st-century youngsters are so fond of experimenting with new hairstyles that they frequently overlook the minimal health tips to obtain frizz-free, shiny, thick hair. One of the most common and easy methods to preserve your hair health is to oil it sufficiently. So today, let’s make this our agenda to enlighten you all with the benefits you can earn from oiling your hair.


5 Reasons Why You Should Oil Your Hair:

5 reasons why you should oil your hair are below:


Do you oil your hair regularly? If yes, then you must know if your oil bears a natural composition – vitamins, and micronutrients, then it serves as the best food for your hair. Moreover, hair oils can defrizz your hair, remove tangles and increase tensile strength. Considering these benefits, try applying oil to your hair at least thrice a week. Watch out for Oshea Herbals’ Phytogain Hair Oil, a herbal product with multiple benefits.



While combing or running your fingers through the strands, if you notice hair loosening from its roots and settling down on the floor carpet, or whirling around your comb teeth, then you are undoubtedly going through severe hair fall issues. Although hair fall occurs due to several reasons counting on stress, anxiety, unhealthy food habits, or low metabolism capacity, scarcity of oil consumption can also be added to the list.

You can always switch over to using anti hairfall or hair thickening oil that accelerates your hair regrowth and revitalizes hair tissues. Don’t lie awake overnight brooding on hair loss. Seek medical advice if necessary. Use Oshea Herbals Phytogain Hair Vitalizer to rejuvenate your hair strands.



Just as your skin gets damaged due to excessive exposure to the sun, your hair also becomes vulnerable when it comes in contact with the scorching summer sun or artificial blow-drying heat. Hair oil provides a layer of a protective sheath to coat your hair against harmful chemicals as well as increasing temperature outside. Whenever you go out in the sun, it is recommended to carry an umbrella or a hat to shield your hair shafts from getting brittle.



Massaging the scalp results in active blood circulation which helps to reduce anxiety and stress to a noteworthy level. Moreover, the nutrients in your hair oil penetrate deep into your scalp and are transported to the hair roots. If you are genuinely stressed out and need a buster, try massaging your scalp. It is effective.



While you indulge in oiling your hair, coconut oil or castor oil can be a good choice. They help prevent loss of moisture from your hair and therefore, keeps your scalp hydrated. Enriched in Vitamin E and fatty acids, hair oils can significantly boost your hair immunity. Hair serums are equally beneficial for retaining moisture to your scalp. Read through the list of remedies Phytogain Hair Serum by Oshea Herbals offer.


Applying hair oil can be effective if you know the right technique. Wash your hair with a non-greasy shampoo. Heat the hair oil and apply it to your scalp. Heated hair oil can spread faster and deeper. Massage gently for 10-15minutes until you wash it off with cold water. 

Hair oil can be a potential remedy to so many problems piled up together like dandruff, dry hair, hair fall, and frizziness. However, you can always produce hair oil at home catering to your hair type and needs. Stay tuned for some more exciting tips from Oshea Herbals and pamper your hair every day.


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