Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks To Prevent Hair Fall

Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks To Prevent Hair Fall

Today’s blog will enlighten you on the top 5 homemade hair masks to prevent hair fall.

You must be thinking that hair fall is a common issue that every woman faces. So, what’s there to worry about? Well, you are partially right. Hair fall is indeed a universal problem but what is worrisome is when your hair growth is threatened. A single strand of hair has a longevity of 7 to 8 years. So while you comb, it’s expected that you will face hair fall. But if the proportion of hair fall increases in comparison to your hair growth then arrives the situation where you must switch on the warning button.

It is not necessary that you should only experience hair fall problems. In this blog, we aim to update your knowledge on all hair-centric issues that include dryness, frizzy hair, dandruff, hair breakage, hair damage, and so on, and their easiest solutions. You can simply rely on your kitchen for the ingredients and notice how a little bit of knowledge can help you gain a thick grip of hair.

Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks To Prevent Hair Fall

Why are hair masks important?

Hair masks are of extreme importance when you talk about hair health. Hair masks feed nutrition to each strand of hair. It hydrates the hair, adds strength to the roots, improves hair texture, fights off infections, and adds shine and luster. Hair masks can be made naturally and here we appear with some mind blowing tricks to enhance the beauty of your hair.


  • Egg hair mask– Eggs contain Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Folate, and biotin. All these components nourish the scalp and help in thick hair growth. Making an egg hair mask is very easy and affordable. 

Gather 3 egg yolks and mix a teaspoon of any essential oil. Stir the mixture well and apply it to your hair for half an hour. Then wash your hair with your favorite Oshea Herbals Shampoo with warm water. Repeat this process at least twice a week and you will notice a praiseworthy change in your hair.

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  • Hibiscus – aloe vera hair mask – Hibiscus stimulates hair growth while aloe vera is a natural hair conditioner. Take a bunch of hibiscus flowers and paste it well. Mix with aloe vera gel and apply directly to your hair strands with care. Keep the mask for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Hibiscus – aloe vera hair mask is sure to enrich your hair with nutrients.

  • Avocado-banana hair mask – Avocado-banana mask can be beneficial for your hair as it prevents hair breakage. Avocado is rich in vitamin E that moisturizes and nourishes your hair. You earn a thicker grip with this hair mask. Smash a medium-sized avocado and a small banana. Mix them together along with olive oil and wheat germ oil. Apply the paste gently to the roots of your hair so that each strand is nourished. Keep the mask for 30 minutes and then rinse off with shampoo and cold water.

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  • Apple-cedar-vinegar – Apple-cedar-vinegar has a unique formulation that treats dandruff issues. Get some fresh aloe vera gel, honey, and two teaspoons of the apple-cedar-vinegar mixture. Apply the mask to your hair in a way so that it covers each shaft of your hair and finds its way to the roots. We can guarantee that your dandruff will gradually disappear if you keep repeating this process twice or thrice a week.

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  • Coconut oil mix – Coconut oil is one of the most hair-enriching nutrients that is highly recommended even by dermatologists. Take a spoonful of coconut oil, mix it with Argan oil, and one tablespoon of yogurt. To win over the maximum benefits, apply this mask overnight and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo just the next day. This is perhaps the easiest and the least time-consuming of all.

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Oshea Herbals believes that every beauty secret is hidden in nature. So, search a little and you will get more than expected. Visit the Oshea Herbals website for more information on herbal products. Let us serve you with the resources of nature.

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