Oshea Body Butter: What Makes Them Different From The Others?


Again, it’s that time of the year when you would neither feel like leaving your bed nor the warm blanket. It’s that time of the year when taking a shower is not a very pleasant experience. It’s wintertime! Since the cold winds have already started blowing, drying out your skin, it’s time you take ultra-care of your body just to avoid excessive dryness that results in flaky skin, especially when you scratch it or accidentally glide your nails.

To keep your skin moist, you may consider using a moisturizing lotion or even an oil such as olive or almond oil. But, believe it or not, nothing can beat a body butter when it comes to moisturizing your skin for more than 24 hours.

Many brands have come up with body butter that will moisturize your skin. However, not all body butters can nourish your skin along with moisturizing it and making it feel soft, smooth, and supple. Oshea herbal’s wide range of body butters can work wonders on your skin locking its moisture for around 24 hours, which means, your skin is not going to get dried out even when it comes in contact with the freezing winter breeze.

Oshea’s body butter range constitutes of four different products, each having different fragrances – Glopure Body Butter, Papayaclean Body Butter, Strawberry Body Butter, and Cocoa Butter Body Butter.

Now, you might wonder why should you choose our body butter when they are many other companies manufacturing the same. Well, your thought is legit! So, here are a few explanations of how our body butters are different from the others. Please keep reading.

Why choose Oshea Body Butter?

Our Body Butters Have More Than One Ingredient

The body butters manufactured by other brands generally contains only one major ingredient that is shea butter. There’s no doubt this ingredient is the most essential one and keeps your skin moist. But our products contain many other ingredients other than shea butter, which keeps your skin healthy and baby-soft.

For instance, our Papaya Body Butter contains – Shea Butter, Papaya Extracts, Kokum Butter, and Vitamin E. So, if you want your skin to be feather soft this winter, you may opt for this product. However, in case you want to enhance the glow of your skin along with moisturizing it, then you may use our Glopure Body Butter that contains – Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Licorice, and Berry Extracts.

Similarly, the two other body butters we have also contain different ingredients alongside shea butter.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Usually, most of the body butters available in the market are high-priced, mainly because of the core ingredient, shea butter, which is quite pricey. But, if you check out our range, you’ll see that our body butters are reasonably priced. It starts from Rs. 300/- only. And now, for the occasion of Diwali, we are giving a huge discount on this particular range, and many other products. 

Non-Sticky Yet Perfectly Moisturises Your Skin

Most of the body butters moisten your skin and make it way too sticky. But our body butters are very light. It makes your skin moist and adds a certain sheen to it, but doesn’t make it feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Fragrance That Stays for A Longer Period

Oshea’s body butters have pleasant fragrances that linger longer with you. The other body butters available in the market do have a fragrance, but it vanishes after a couple of minutes or immediately after you apply it. But our products are worth every penny. You smell so good that you don’t even need to use mists and perfumes.

These were some of the pointers that prove that Oshea Herbal’s Body Butters are any day better than the other products available in the market. For more information about our body care range, keep following our blogs.


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