10 Surprising Benefits Of Body Butter For Your Skin

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Dry skin hurts! Soft and cream-a-licious skin is always a girl’s dream. But getting a super silky skin is not everyone’s cup of tea. So then what’s the secret path to a soft and silky skin?


Your research ends here. Read here the surprising benefits of body butter for the skin. A body butter is all your dry and dull skin needs. But you have heard all the while about those body lotions and body creams, so you might be thinking what is body butter?

Not many people know the difference between body butter, body lotion, and body cream. So it is common if anyone asks the question that why body butter? What does it do? And how different it is from the body lotions and creams available in the market.

Body Butter vs. Body Cream vs. Body Lotion

Body butter is what it says. Body butter is thick, fluffy, and creamy – consistent like the tasty butter we eat. Body butter products are manufactured combining carrier oils and essential butters and don’t typically contain water. The buttery element of the body butter products is nothing but the essential fats and minerals extracted from natural ingredients like palm, shea, cocoa, mango, etc.

Cream products are thinner than a body butter. Some creams are absorbed well on the skin and some are whipped off after a few time. Body creams can also contain butter as a basic ingredient and watery ingredients like aloe vera, hydrosol, or some herbal infusion. But everybody cream doesn’t contain butter necessarily.

Body lotions are similar to creams but are lighter as it contains more water. Body lotions are formulated to be lightweight on the skin. It may not deeply moisturize or stay longer on your skin.

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Benefits of body butter for the skin

Locks in moisture post-shower

Applying body butter post-shower or bath gives you super soft skin. After enjoying your daily shower, pat dry your body with a towel, don’t vigorously rub it. Leave a little moisture on the skin, don’t out the skin completely. Apply a generous scoop of body butter on your skin and give it a gentle massage with broad strokes until fully absorbed. Try to avoid hot water shower as it causes dryness on the skin. It is best to apply body butter within 5 minutes of the shower to seal the moisture on the skin. It can be used daily or every 2-3 days according to the type of skin.

Soften extra dry areas

A body butter is a great treat for super dry skin. Most of the people have dry elbows or knees. The skin of the areas of elbow and knee tends to be thicker, darker, and drier than the rest of the skin of the body. That’s because these areas are being more higgled in everyday life. All the friction causes the skin to grow thicker as to protect itself and this makes it dry. So pay some attention to those areas or any dark patches. Massage the body butter on the specific area and let it absorb. Reapply multiple times a day.

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Use in manicure

Soak fingers in warm water to soften cuticles. Take a small amount of body butter and apply to each cuticle and push them back with a cuticle stick. Finish the manicure by shaping nails and dazzling your nails with your favorite nail color.

Heal cracked heels

Your tired feet every day wants a good massage and it is more often avoided. Apply an ample amount of body butter to the cracked heels and give your feet a good massage to release the day’s tension. Wear clean cotton socks overnight. That will faster the healing process as socks will retain the moisture.

Use to remove make-up

Try body butter once as a make-up remover, you can feel that it has left your skin nourished after the harshness of make-up. Take a small amount of body butter on cotton or tissue and simply wipe out the make-up.

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Use as hand cream

This isn’t necessary to mention after pointing out all the above benefits that the body butter can also become your hand cream. After all day long work, feed your hands some body butter. Sigh! So relaxing!

Heals dry lips

Lips get hurt if you don’t feed some moisture to it. So why do that when you have a body butter that works on dry lips like magic? Apply on your lips before going to bed and let it heal your chapped lips overnight.

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Use as an aftershave cream

Shaving needs moisturization. Take a little body butter on your palm and apply well on your shaved legs or hands. Massage it to let it be absorbed. And you are ready to go out for the beach girl!

Helps in fading stretch marks and scar

It’s good to start earlier using body butter on your baby bump. It can help in the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks and not harmful to your skin at the same time. Also, apply on a dark patch of your skin regularly, it will lighten the scar by time.

Lasts longer

Lastly, need not say that body butter lasts longer than any other type of cream. So invest in a good body butter next time you feel dry on your skin.

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Try Oshea Cocoa Butter Body Butter, infused with shea butter and vitamin E. It is paraben and mineral-free and will protect your skin from harmful UV rays also.

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