Make Your Skin Smooth Using Body Butters Before The Christmas Fever Hits In!

Forget about the past experiences you have had with butter you smeared on your toast for your brekkie. Christmas is around the corner, and I bet you don’t want rough and flaky skin to be your enemy on the dance floor. Introduce silky soft body butter on your glorious skin.

If you’re wondering what you do with Body Butter, let’s just put it across as one of the best things you can smear on the body, for that body-popping thrill every day. Getting into the groove of how to use Body Butters is as spontaneous as getting your groove on. Dance like no one is watching you, right. But what about you making the first dance nerves, here’s what you need to do to get skin so soft and supple, that you’ll be the envy of all that’s on the dance floor, as you strut your stuff.

Our luxurious range of Body Butter is enriched with the highest quality, naturally inspired ingredients from mother nature. And believe me not, there are some real body-grooving vibes in every pot! But we must mention our hero ingredients, Shea Butter and Vitamin E that makes our body butters so silky soft that we lavish it in every pot.

How to store your favourite body butter?

Our Body Butters are pretty low maintenance, but as with any hydrating product, always put the lid back on after you’ve used it to keep moisture in and to maintain its lusciousness. Pop away in a cool place to keep away from any sources of intense heat. That way, it will only be your disco partners who can feel the sizzle apart from you. WINK!

Which one to go for?

Depending on how you groove and sway. Our Body Butters come in 4 variants. They are full of nutrients, and hydrating ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E that doesn’t only give you a 24hour moisturization but sun protection too. If your skin needs a thirst quencher this winter then slather it with a generous and luxurious dollop of our body butter. Oshea’s Body Butter range constitutes of four different products, each having different fragrances – Glopure Body Butter, Papayaclean Body Butter, Strawberry Body Butter, and Cocoa Butter Body Butter.

Our winter babies are the Glopure body butter and the Cocoa butter body butter. Believe us they have been a winter constant and won’t let go of you on your dance floor. It won’t even be too clingy though as they both are non-sticky and super lightweight.

Most of the body butter that you’ve encountered in the past though moisten your skin but makes it way too sticky. But our heroes this Christmas Dance are very light. They will make your skin moist and add a sheen to it so that you stand out in the crowd.

Where and how to use these body butter?

Dive into our luscious Body Butter tubs with your fingers, cause there is no better way to do it, scoop out a small dollop of Body Butter and evenly apply it all over your glorious body using a circular motion. Then, gently massage the body until the skin absorbs it.

Don’t forget your knees and elbows, they need a little extra attention.

Pro tip – These are rich pots of our skin’s most loved nutrients, so a little goes a long way.

So what are you waiting for let’s make your skin buttery before the Christmas Fever hits in!


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