Top 5 Benefits Of Coffee For Skin

Top 5 Benefits Of Coffee For Skin

This blog gives a sublime light on the top 5 benefits of coffee for skin.

The freshly brewed coffee is an unadulterated source of antioxidants for your skin. After knowing this, we are certain that you will be more frequently seen with coffee mugs while loitering on your balcony or making office presentations. But as usual, Oshea Herbals never comes up with cliched ideas. We do not suggest you sip coffee every ten minutes but prepare coffee packs and apply them topically to your skin. We guarantee that your skin will get the hype on glow and shine naturally. It’s high time that you let your skin sip a cup of coffee!!

Does coffee lighten skin tone?

Well, we are here to answer all your queries with love. The multiple benefits of coffee are known to all but still, you might land in confusion. We can help you decide whether to believe in coffee and how much.

Every woman wants a glowing skin tone and that’s very much possible if you rely on your precious coffee beans. Coffee is a wonderful exfoliator that is effective mechanically as well as chemically. It creates a barrier for the skin locking moisture and hydration. The dead skin cells bid farewell easily if you exfoliate with a coffee scrub twice a week. The clogged pores,  dirt, and acne-causing bacteria can be wiped off with the benefits of coffee. So, you get clearer skin with a brighter complexion. So, celebrate your beauty regime with coffee.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Coffee For Skin:

What you ultimately need are the superpowers of coffee. Let’s figure out the benefits you can derive from a cup of coffee.

  • Coffee is a wonderful exfoliator that reduces cellulite by enhancing blood circulation in your skin.
  • Coffee cuts down on sunspots, blemishes, and skin scars that result in flawless skin.
  • Coffee also imparts anti-aging benefits. You can get rid of your fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation with the help of coffee beans.
  • Stubborn dark circles will no more worry you if you have coffee in your regular list of beauty treatments.
  • Inflammations and acne marks disappear due to the presence of CGAs in coffee grounds.

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Can coffee cause any harm to your skin?

To be honest, there are several wonders of nature that can nourish your skin and improve its health. Coffee is certainly one of the magical ingredients that contribute greatly to imparting sensational skin, but it has its restrictions too. It is usually said that coffee does not create acne or pimples, but if you have acne-prone skin, then coffee can make it worse. The high acidic content in coffee often intervenes in your hormonal functions. Excessive consumption of coffee dehydrates your body and creates redness and inflammation.

So, we suggest if you have sensitive skin, better seek advice from your dermatologist before applying coffee grounds topically.

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Homemade Coffee Pack Recipes

  • Coffee and pumpkin – To exfoliate deeply and get rid of dull, dry skin, use this coffee and pumpkin mixture. Your collagen production can also boost as well as your skin can gain radiance and youth.

Process – Take a bowl and add 2 tbsp of coffee powder with half a cup of pureed pumpkin. Add rosewater into the mixture and stir well. Apply the pack and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water and moisturize your skin well. Use this pack twice a week.

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  • Coffee and milk – Coffee and milk face pack is perfect for skin with puffiness. This pack imparts flawless glow and firmness to your skin.

Process – One spoon of coffee powder with one and a half spoons of raw milk. Maintain consistency of the paste and apply it to your skin uniformly. Keep massaging gently to gain soft and supple skin.

Caffine Combo

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Oshea Herbals also presents its wide range of caffeine products – Cafeine Pro range, Caffeine Pro Mask, Caffeine Pro Scrub, Cafeine Pro facewash. Invest love and care in your skincare regimen. Beautiful skin is right on its way to surprise you!!

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