4 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Can Be Your Hair’s Best Buddy This Winter

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Dry scalp is the main concern during the winter season. Undeniably, we all agree that aloe vera is a miraculous ingredient.

Aloe vera is a plant with thick leaves that have within them a gel-like substance. All over the world, it’s found, and many people even grow their own in the garden.

Aloe vera gel cools and soothes the irritated skin when applied to it directly, which is why it is often used to heal burns and skin wounds. It’s been used for its medicinal properties for decades. Apart from its advantages on the skin, others say it has got many other beneficial qualities, that make it a miraculous plant. It’ll enhance the health of your scalp, and keep your hair in its best shape possible.

Massaging aloe vera onto your scalp and throughout the hair, and letting it sit for approximately an hour, can do wonders.

Benefits of applying aloe vera to your hair

Calms itchy scalp

Aloe vera can treat symptoms of an itchy scalp and flaking skin. Aloe vera helps resolve the scalp inflammation caused due to dandruff. The fatty acids found in an aloe plant have anti-inflammatory properties.


Strengthens and repairs hair strands

Vitamins a, c, and e are present in aloe vera. All three of these vitamins, fostering healthy cell growth and shiny hair, lead to cell turnover.

Often found in aloe vera gel are – vitamin b12 and folic acid. Both these elements will prevent your hair from dropping out.


May promote hair growth

You can see that hair breakage and loss slows down after your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera.

Several individuals say that aloe vera allows hair to grow even more rapidly. Yet, there’s no scientific evidence to prove or disprove such accusations as of now.


Aloe vera for hair fall

Aloe vera produces proteolytic enzymes that repair the scalp’s dead skin cells. It also serves as a perfect conditioner that makes your hair shiny and smooth. It stimulates hair growth, decreases dandruff, and conditions the hair.


Here’s a delicious hair mask recipe for your hair 

Blend an equivalent amount of aloe vera juice with extra virgin coconut oil. For solid, smooth, and bouncy hair, apply and keep it in for as long as possible. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that brings a treasure trove of benefits with it.

The best way to enjoy aloe vera without the fear of “added chemicals” is by growing it in your kitchen garden. It takes very little to look after an aloe vera plant, but the benefits you get in return are many. So go ahead, invest your time and money into a healthier you today. Make sure you do not go overboard with the use of aloe vera like they say – “too much of something is good for nothing.”


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