With PapayaClean Wipes Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities

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Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities With PapayaClean Wipes:

Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities With PapayaClean Wipes. The summer season is rolling in so let’s face it, we all detest the time of the night when we have to strip off the make-up and grime of the day in preparation for our much-needed beauty sleep. For a few of us, a cleansing face wipe is a bathroom essential or for some people who use it only on babies: they are easy, inexpensive and, most importantly, quick. In recent years, prices of face wipes have doubled and our skin is not pleased about it as some of them are rough on the skin or leave it super dry.

What Not To Do

It is quite easy to get into the habit of aggressively rubbing the wipe while using a face wipe to remove a little stubborn eye make-up. We all are guilty of doing it but we shouldn’t actually, as the skin around the eyes is incredibly sensitive. The constant blinking of our eyes causes wrinkles and crows feet much less the rubbing action. It alone can pull the skin and may cause premature ageing with the possible damage, the additives could do. High alcohol levels in some wipes will also cause severe dryness as well as discomfort.

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Our pick of the month? 

Oshea Herbals PapayaClean Wipes – It ensures effective cleansing to remove dirt, excess oil and grime from the face & neck area and also leave a lingering fragrance, they are enriched with papaya extract with deeply cleanse & fight blemishes and also can be used as a makeup remover. Why go for separate cleansers when you can have one that does the work of two?

Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities With PapayaClean Wipes

Our PapayaClean wipe is a powerhouse.  Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities With PapayaClean Wipes

Breakouts, redness, and skin chafing due to the excessive wearing of masks are a phenomenon that will not leave our lives any time soon. But may we say that there is light in the tunnel? YES, of course! Face wipes are your skin saviour, made of all good ingredients, especially our super ingredient Papaya. Using face wipes will get the basic tasks completed (cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising) if you’re someone who doesn’t spend much time in skincare.

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Wipe Off All Your Stress & Impurities With PapayaClean Wipes

The PapayaClean face wipes by Oshea Herbals are meticulously developed by trusted dermatologists with a unique concoction of herbal ingredients to boost and revitalize your skin cells and give you a fresh glow. These soft and gentle wipes boost the oxygen molecules and offer instant moisturization on your skin and especially to your under-eye area. Since the skin in these areas needs an extra TLC than your regular skincare, using these wipes will help to restore the fresh, youthful, and radiant glow on your skin.

Women love lipsticks of various shades but what about the stubborn stains? Most makeup wipes have alcohol in them that remove the lipstick stains and makeup but leave the lips dry and dehydrated. Our PapayaClean wipes work wonders to remove stubborn lipstick stains keeping the moisture intact.

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Pro tip:

Always, Always be extra cautious around the eye area and while applying undereye creams tap, don’t rub after you clean all that stubborn makeup. This will stimulate circulation and reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.

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