Winter Essentials For Body Care

Winter Essentials For Body Care

Today’s blog explores the winter essentials for body care.

The cold chill in the air, the dried leaves scattered on your path, the radiant sunshine evoking warmth in your soul, the pin-drop silent evenings – all of it makes the winter more nostalgic. But when it comes to your skin’s health, winter makes it difficult. The dried lips, rough skin, cracked heels also announce the arrival of winter. So, when autumn is waving adieu, get set for welcoming winter.

Most of us get really occupied with revising our skincare regimens from time to time. Do we devote any time to body care? So, this time Oshea Herbals is all set to add some tips to your body care routine. We know winter is the time for sweaters, pullovers, and jackets. But being covered doesn’t mean that you’ll run out of potion. Let’s figure out together the winter essentials for body care.

Winter Essentials For Body Care:

Moisturize your body – This winter, pick up an intense moisturizer to hydrate your skin deeply. Moisturizers are able to lock moisture within your skin surface and therefore protect from dryness and itchiness. Moisturization saves your skin from extreme skin conditions like oiliness, and dryness. Dry skin is often subjected to breakouts and irritation but regular moisturization maintains the pH balance of the skin and reduces the chances of skin imperfections. So, after bathing try applying moisturizers regularly. Remember, body lotions are different from face moisturizers.

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Limit your shower timing / take cool showers – During winter, it might sound scary to take cool showers. But excess hot water can cause more damage to your dry, cracked skin. Better take your bath with warm water and limit your shower timing.

Use sunscreens – Sunscreen should not be skipped even in winter. Sunscreens are an essential part of winter body care. Since we live in tropical countries, we are always in contact with UV rays. So, consider a generous amount of SPF. If you are staying longer in the sun, reapply sunscreen to shield yourself. The tanning it gets you otherwise is not appreciated.

A humidifier can be helpful – Room temperature has a role to play in winter. Get hold of a humidifier by your bedside. Humidifiers help to heat up the room temperature and secure warmth for your body. You can also keep hot water in pots on the radiators if investing in humidifiers is costly.

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Special care for your hands and feet – Your hands and feet bear the maximum fatigue of your body but you hardly care for them. Get yourself a good cream for your hands and feet. Keep moisturizing them twice or thrice a day. For your feet health, cover them with socks.

Shower gel – Do you know that shower gels are better to use during winter? They are mild and do not steal away the natural oils from your body that body soaps usually do. If you have sensitive skin, try using shower gels more frequently. They actually improve your skin texture during winter.

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Body oil – Body oil maintains the pH balance of the skin and adds radiance. They are filled with beautiful fragrances and help greatly in imparting a refreshing aroma. Apply body oil before bathing and enjoy its essence to the fullest. 

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Winter is a time of dryness and cold winds. Your body takes time to get adapted to its harshness and therefore you better build a layer of protection with moisturizers and indulge in the nostalgia of the season.

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