Why Just Body? Your Hair Too Needs the Nourishment of a Lotion!

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When the winter winds blow hard, you already know that it’s time for you to wrap yourself up in not just a blanket or a warm attire, but also, with a layer of lotion/moisturizer so that your skin remains moist, all day long. But, don’t you think that the same chilly wind, which would make your skin go dry and rough, can make your hair go dry and frizzy as well? Makes sense, right? So, don’t just pamper your skin throughout this winter by applying a body lotion, body butter, or any oil, but also, take good care of your hair so that it doesn’t turn dry, frizzy, and lifeless.

Now, when it comes to hair care, what people generally do is, they gently massage the scalp with oil, keep it overnight, and wash it the next day with a shampoo and conditioner. This hair care routine will work during summers and the other seasons, but it really won’t keep your hair luscious during winter.

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So, wondering what can be done in this case? Well, the simple solution that we can provide you is, keep your hair covered with a scarf, whenever you are stepping out and yes, don’t forget to apply a haircare lotion. Yes, that’s right. With the help of a haircare lotion, you can keep all your winter haircare issues miles apart.  If you haven’t seen any hair lotion till date in the markets or online, then you can find it on our website.

Oshea’s hair lotion is mainly curated for men and women who suffer a lot from dandruff. However, this lotion doesn’t just fight dandruff but also nourishes the scalp, moistens it, and makes your hair look full of life!

What does our hair lotion contain?

  1. Neem – Whether it’s combatting dandruff or maintaining the health of the scalp, this ayurvedic herb can be used for multiple purposes. This herb is a boon for those who suffer from flaky scalp and immense dandruff, which leads to hair fall and rough hair.

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     2. Amla Extract- Dull and dry hair during winter needs immense conditioning, which can be only possible when the product that you are applying to your hair has amla in it. This herbal ingredient conditions and promotes new hair, and adds shine to it. Our hair lotion contains amla as its core ingredient and hence, you need not worry about dry and frizzy hair. It also improves your hair texture 10 times better!

   3. Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate – Enriched with a powerful anti-dandruff agent, Sodium shale oil sulfonate, this lotion is wonderful as it rapidly slows down the flaking of the scalp, and cleanses it five times better than any other shampoo.

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So, if you are really worried about your hair and scalp’s health, make sure you buy our hair lotion right away and start using it for the betterment of your “crowning glory”, your hair. You may consider using some of our other products too such as the hair spa butter and other herbal oils that we have in store; they are simply good for all types of hair.

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