Why Is Sunscreen Important

why is sunscreen important:

In this blog, we will show you that”why is sunscreen important”. Your skincare regimen must include putting on sunscreen whenever you choose to step outside. Sunscreens are not exclusively made for summer protection rather it is year-round maintenance. Even women who stay at home should include wearing sunscreen in their regular to-do list. Invest in your skin health and get the best return!


What to do on cloudy days?

One of the undeniable questions is to wear sunscreen even on cloudy mornings? Well, the answer is yes. You should apply sunscreen even when the sky is overcast. The sunrays can pierce through the clouds and harm your skin with their UVA and UVB rays. With higher altitude, the exposure to sun increases which can damage your skin. Thus, sunscreen is a must-have product in your bag.

why is sunscreen important:

     Top 5 reasons to shield yourself with sunscreen

  • PROTECTION FROM UV RAYSit is difficult to fight against something that does not appear to our naked eye. Similarly, when we talk about UV rays, it is just a heard-out story from dermatologists. That’s why we discover people being awfully nonchalant about being exposed to the sun. The ozone layer depletion has increased the ill effects of ultraviolet rays to a massive extent. So, if you resort to using sunscreens, they might block the sunbeams from directly entering your skin. Try Oshea Herbals’ UVShield Mattifying Sun Block Cream SPF 40 which provides long-lasting protection from UV rays and prevents tanning and aging.
  • FORGET PREMATURE AGING – Ageing is a curse especially when it’s premature. Profound exposure to sun rays can cause wrinkles, discoloration, fine lines, and aging. Why let others count your age when you are still young at heart? Apply UVShield Sun Block Formula SPF 50 containing a natural blend of papaya and neem extracts enriched with anti-oxidants that help in skin nourishment. Indulge in some hassle-free skincare tips and hold your age tight in your grip!

REDUCED CHANCES OF SKIN CANCER – Skin Cancer is one of the most alarming diseases noticed among the population in the United States. Caress your skin a little to prevent these life-taking diseases or at least lessen the chances of suffering. Sunscreens can create a layer over your skin that stands as a barrier to ultraviolet rays. Skin cancers are more usual among people with fewer pigments in their skin. Climate even plays an important role – warm climate or higher altitude enhances the chances of skin damage. Check out the following for your convenience –

  • HELPS MAINTAIN AN EVEN SKIN TONE –  Sunscreens reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and reduces skin damage to a higher extent. It keeps the skin hydrated, and results in an even tone look. Since the spots in your skin get hyperactive when they come in close to sunlight, sunscreens can however decrease the level of effect with their ability to fight against ultraviolet rays. Use Oshea Herbals’ UVShield Sunscreen Fairness Lotion SPF 25 that ensures safeguard against infrared rays and ultraviolet rays in addition. It also controls melanin formation like darkening of your skin tone and tanning.

                       Well, it’s a presumption that sunscreens alone can save you from the harshness of the sun, but that’s a vague concept. Sunscreens can extend your hours of stay in the sun without threatening your skin damage. Whenever you go out, wherever you go, if there is the sun over your head or hiding behind the clouds, do not forget to put on your sunscreen, take your umbrella, pair of shades and then, venture out. Beauty comes with maintaining health. Caress more, worry less. If your skin is healthy, you are beautiful, no matter what you put on!!



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