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Listen To What Your Nail Paint Has To Say About Your Personality

What Your Nail Paint Has To Say About Your Personality

Listen to what your nail paint has to say about your personality:

Your choice of colors speaks a lot about your personality. This theory does not even go unnoticed when we talk about stunning nail paints. 

As we all know nail paints are every woman’s favorite. Either you choose some light shade or vibrant, neon colors you walk with your own, unique aura. If you learn some tricks with us, you can formulate your theory on defining women’s personality traits.

Well, if that sounds interesting, then let’s chalk out a list of colors and their bearers.

Listen to what your nail paint has to say about your personality:

Nude or Clear

If fashion doesn’t bother you the slightest, then you are a follower of nude or clear nails. It is visible that you hate to spend bucks on manicures or nail paints. You love to flaunt your natural beauty and that is what makes you different from others.

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Vibrant  red

Red symbolizes vitality and enthusiasm. If you randomly pick up red for any occasion, then know you are an adventurer and mighty at heart. You love to pursue your dreams spontaneously. The red color in nail paints can gain you an extra edge in fashion. Watch out for this stunning red nail paint by Oshea Herbals.



Purple shows your self-esteem and class of choice. A regal color as it is, purple can be a perfect suit for your personality if you are accustomed to facing challenges and being successful. But purple also stands for creativity and pampering imagination. So, you might choose which personality type is for you. Although purple has different shades, its significance is ambiguous.



As we all know, pink epitomizes femininity. As soon as there is an addition of a newborn baby girl at home, we tend to paint the walls of her room pink just to make sure that she inherits all the affection, sensitivity, and tenderness that constitute the core of a woman. So, every time you choose pink, you become the bearer of all such qualities.

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Many of us have seemed to develop a penchant for orange these days. Orange nurtures optimism in you. It instills a positive force in you. Moreover, orange nail paints look beautiful when you are up for some fancy occasions.



It says that blue is ideal for men. But it is even a favorite color of many women. Shades of blue have a deep bond with commitment and honesty. Often it indicates composure as well as harmony. So, when you choose to paint your nails blue, think about so many positive qualities causing a whirlwind in you.



Generally, white is the color of peace and purity. But when you choose it for your nails, it shows your predilection towards tidiness. Maintaining white is just not easy. You might have to go beyond your abilities to sustain every bit of your nail paint.

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Darkness has its own mystery. Despite fostering the black color for decades, there’s still something that keeps many people narrowing their eyes when a woman chooses to paint their nails black. Black represents your power, pride, and intellect. People related to fashion, music, or any other artistry often prefer black – a color, utterly unique and sublime.



Green is a nature-friendly color. Your love for this color ensures how balanced you are as a human being. Added to this, the green color also signifies that you are a great nurturer.

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Colors add so much life to our souls. So, when you tinge your nails with paints, make sure that it adds value to your life and happiness to your being. But never compromise on the quality of nail polishes as it can be detrimental to your healthy nails. Use only Oshea Herbals nail paints and detect your own personality.


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