Vitamin E – A Core Ingredient That Will Keep Your Skin Flawless This Season

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Scroll through the markets and you’ll come across sacks and bags of winter care products. But, just picking up a random winter skincare product and adding it to your shopping cart would be nothing but foolishness. After all, it’s the ingredients that matter the most. The right kind of ingredients can do wonders on your skin! One such ingredient is vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a dissolvable vitamin, which is obtained from a wide variety of vegetables, cereals, meat, eggs, etc. From reducing your skin’s dryness to enhancing its glow from within, this one ingredient can do multitasking! Hence, when you are picking a body lotion or skin cream this winter, make sure you go through its ingredients thoroughly. In case the product that has grabbed your eyeballs doesn’t contain this as a prime ingredient, then it’ll be best if you search a li’l more until and unless you find a skincare brand/product that is loaded with vitamin E. Most of the skincare products curated by us, Oshea Herbals, have the goodness of Vitamin E.

Apart from keeping your skin moist naturally and enhancing its glow, there are a couple of other benefits too which makes vitamin E, the ultimate hero for a skincare regime. To know about the other benefits of vitamin E, please keep reading this blog patiently.

Reducing UV Damage

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties (or rather, it’s an antioxidant) that can protect your delicate skin from getting damaged by the ultra-violet rays, which the sun emits. And believe us or not, your skin gets most damaged during winter because the sun rays are very harsh and scorching. But you definitely don’t feel the heat because – a) the weather is cold, and b) you will be wearing full-sleeved attires to combat the chilled wintery winds.

Prevents Radical Damage

If you apply vitamin E topically, then be rest assured, it will nourish and protect your skin from any kind of free radicals that causes minor or even severe damage to the skin. So, would you apply a cream that contains vitamin e before stepping out of your home? Hell yeah!

Reduces the Appearance of Scars

Finding it difficult to fade all the scars caused by acne or pimples? Well then, you must give vitamin E a shot! Whether it’s in a night cream or in oil form, vitamin e can diminish stubborn marks quite effortlessly. But yes, don’t expect it to work overnight as some of the beauty products claim (no offense, friends!).

Prevents Early Aging

Once you step into your thirties, you will come across fine lines developing in your skin, which is pretty natural because that’s how biology works. But, if you start using vitamin E right from the teenage days, then your age would be kept locked for a longer period of time. Yes, you heard that right!

After reading these pointers, don’t you think that all beauty products should have vitamin e in them? We bet you do! So, whenever you are going to purchase skincare products, especially during winter, always pick creams, lotions, or body-butters that contain vitamin E in them.


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