Top 3 Oshea Herbals Facial Kit

Top 3 Oshea Herbals Facial Kit

This blog enlightens you on the top 3 Oshea Herbals Facial Kit. 

Facials sound to be pretty expensive. Isn’t it? So, naturally, we lack the interest to invest in our skin glow treatment. But, here we are to help you cut down your cost as well as keep your skin glow intact. Oshea Herbals presents a wide range of facial kits, easy to use at home and skin-friendly.

What are the benefits of facial?

The hectic lifestyle hardly leaves us any option to stay at home. Our skin normally gets exposed to environmental pollution, dust, dirt, and harmful sun rays. To form a layer of protection against all of them, a cleanup once or twice a month can be fruitful.

It deeply cleanses your skin, exfoliates, detoxifies, rejuvenates your skin cells, reduces the stress factor, and keeps the glow intact. There are facial types that can impart an ex-factor to your skin and attract envious eyes.

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Top 3 Oshea Herbals Facial Kit:

  • Diamond Facial Kit – Diamond Facial Kit by Oshea Herbals is enriched with active ingredients like witch hazel and calendula extract that nourish your skin, and rejuvenate the skin cells. It has a scrubber, a massage gel, a massage cream, and a face mask. The scrubber contains botanical extracts and jojoba scrub beads. This scrub exfoliates the skin from within imparting a radiant look.

The massage cream is enriched with vitamin E, the herbal extract that enhances blood circulation, improves skin complexion, and the process of cell regeneration. Even the massage gel is composed of green tea extracts and adds radiance to your skin texture.

Lastly, the face mask tightens the skin pores, fades out blemishes, and absorbs excess oil. For soft and smooth skin, you can buy this diamond facial kit and enhance your skin health.

diamondfacial kit 1

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  • Pearl Facial Kit – Just like the other facial kits, Pearl Facial Kit also comprises a gentle exfoliating scrub, an energizing cream, a massage gel, and a whitening mask. This gentle exfoliating scrub apart from shedding off the layer of dead skin cells, allows the following products to get absorbed by the skin instantly.

The energizing cream is made up of all-natural actives and is super effective on your skin. The massage gel softens the skin and rejuvenates the cells deeply. The whitening mask is a wonderful invention that lowers the melanin production in your skin and you get a glowing, whitened even skin tone – the pearl-effect look.

pearlfacial kit 1

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  • Gold Facial Kit – Another all-year-round facial kit is a gold facial kit. Skin tightening is in a way very important because it removes wrinkles, adds firmness to the skin. It even lifts the sagging skin. So if you are in your 30s or 40s, better start using this.

This facial kit has a scrubber, one massage cream, one massage gel, and one face mask. While we expose ourselves to the harmful rays of the sun, our skin undergoes damage – hyperpigmentation, skin sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, and much more. But using this twice a month can help you gain glow, skin health, and anti-aging benefits all at the same time.

goldfacial kit 1

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Things to remember before doing facial

We are your true friend, philosopher, and guide. So, before we suggest you undergo a facial, there are a few things to consider.

  • Choose the right type of facial for yourself. Otherwise, your skin might suffer from pimples, wrinkles, or other skin imperfections.
  • Do not wax or shave before doing your facial.
  • Do not wear makeup while you go to the salon for a facial. Be bare-faced because the components of the facial should be well absorbed by your skin.
  • It’s very important to avoid the sun before and after your facial session.
  • Try to avoid exfoliation before and after the facial.

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A facial is a must if you are planning to maintain that ex-factor in your skin. 

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