The Benefits Of Using Facial Oils

The Benefits Of Using Facial Oils

This blog reveals the benefits of using facial oils.

Have you ever tried facial oils? No? Then try it now. Do not live with this misconception that facial oils are only meant for dry skin. Facial oils have beneficial nutrients that nourish and hydrate your skin. Face serums and face moisturizers are already there on your list, but this time, add facial oil too.

We, the Oshea Herbals team, suggest you use facial oils to ensure improving your skin health. Explore the reasons why you should rely on facial oils.

What are facial oils?

Facial oils are formulated with plant oils serving the demands of your skin’s hydration and nourishment. It also imparts glow to your skin and improves skin texture. Facial oils are filled with non-comedogenic botanical oils and essential oils. Your skin can also withdraw antioxidants from facial oils.

The Benefits Of Using Facial Oils:

Extra moisture and nourishment

Those with dry skin withdraw more benefits from facial oils. The plant extracts and antioxidants rejuvenate your skin pores and provide extra nourishment. You apply your moisturizer and then your facial oil. This will lock all the hydrating nutrients in your skin and therefore prove beneficial for the skin pores. If you have dry skin, apply facial oil twice daily. For oily skin, a one-time is sufficient.

Adds a healthy glow to the skin

Your skin is bound to age and no one can change this inevitable truth. With time, the skin tends to reduce the production of natural oils and collagen. As a result of which the skin develops dullness and starts aging. There can be various other causes of skin dullness. But keeping aside all the reasons, facial oils can restore moisture and glow to your dull skin. You no more need to rely on your makeup kit for an artificial glow when the key to glowing skin is so easily accessible.

Unclogging of the pores

Facial oils never clog your pores. That’s a wrong conception you have. Choose the right facial oil with the right ingredients and formula, you will not suffer from acne, pimples, oiliness, or dry skin. Look out for some non-comedogenic face oils that can protect your skin from clogging.

An intense protection

Facial oils form a barrier on the outer layer of your skin. Just as it does not allow the moisture to leak out, it also acts as a barrier to the dirt and impurities seeping in.

Facial oils are also great for putting up with makeup

To get a more silky, luxurious touch on your skin, apply a few drops of facial oil on your skin before applying makeup and foundation. It allows the makeup to settle down perfectly and impart a mind-blowing finish. We can also tip you with another amazing trick. You can also add a few drops of facial oil to your foundation and mix them well. This gives your skin another glow-boosting formula. 

Homemade Facial Oil recipe

Recipe #1

Take 2 tbsp of jojoba oil, 1 tbsp of rosehip seed oil, 4 drops of lavender, 4 drops of frankincense, 4 drops of geranium. Combine all essential and carrier oils in a glass bottle. Keep this oil in a cool place and apply it every day once.

Recipe #2

Take a half spoon of rosehip seed oil, organic argan oil, Vitamin E oil, essential oil of your choice. Make a mixture of all these essential oils and apply it to your face. Leave overnight to witness glowing skin.

Always remember that facial oils enriched with several plant extracts can simplify your skin problems like dark circles, skin dryness, lack of natural oils, or dullness. So, follow the tips and recipes we have shared with you and get a hold of wonderful skin.

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