Special Tips For Winter Travel

Special Tips For Winter Travel

Today’s blog educates you about the special tips for winter travel.

Traveling in winter sounds thrilling, but what about your skin? The dryness of the season can haunt you even in your destination. Wherever you go, whatever you do, make sure you carry your winter grooming kit. It’s time to make your skin glowy and shiny in the months of fall.

Whenever you are out on a trip, you have to look at your best. Isn’t it? So, don’t let winter spoil your look. We are here with some best tips to bring out the best in you. Come, let’s learn together, what’s more, there can be for your winter destination.

Special tips for winter travel to follow:

  • Shower with lukewarm water – No doubt it feels super-relaxing to bathe in hot water, but hot showers can be detrimental to your skin health. A hot shower enlarges your skin pores that help in accumulating dirt particles and lead to skin damage. Shower in lukewarm water which is equally a complacent option for winter travel.
  • What to use as a moisturizer? – Moisturizer is the most needed accompaniment in your winter trip. A deep moisturizer hydrates your skin from the core and locks the moisture as well. As an alternative to your moisture, remember that coconut oil is extremely effective. Even kokum oil is equally beneficial for your skin as it doesn’t leave stickiness or greasiness.

  • Sunscreens – Sunscreen should not just be on your list of winter trip essentials but right in your handbag. While you go sightseeing, you should keep applying sunscreen with a higher SPF protection. A layer of sunscreen on your face will prevent the ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin cells and causing skin imperfections like sunspots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, blemishes, etc.

  • Do not forget to exfoliate – Exfoliation is an easy process to say goodbye to all your dead skin cells. While you are traveling, you become exposed to pollution, dust, dirt particles in excess and that enhances the need to exfoliate. Grab a natural skin-friendly exfoliator and get your job done during your trip.

  • Rely on face mist – Do you know about face mists? They are effortless but effective on your skin. Face mists consist of a hydrating combination. Spraying it all over your face ensures removing toxins and purifying each of your facial cells. There’s a natural recipe for preparing face mist. Combine 1 part of apple cider vinegar with 3 parts of water in a bottle and spray it every morning. Face mist maintains the pH balance of your skin along with avoiding breakouts.
  • Ban on petroleum products – Many of us are still unaware of the outcome of using petroleum products. Petroleum products, being utterly pure, are difficult to absorb. Petroleum products are carcinogenic by nature. This means they are produced by the fungus and tend to cause cancer. So, cut down on this if you are thinking about carrying petroleum products anyhow.
  • BB Cream – BB cream is so much in trend these days that you would like to cling to it for a no-makeup look. BB creams have the base of foundations and can hide skin imperfections. This allows you to stay away from harsh chemicals and preservatives. BB creams are great moisturizers and impart an even tone look.

  • Aloe vera – Well, to add a cherry on the top, aloe vera is a wonderful addition. It does not only benefit your skin in winter tours but all throughout. Aloe vera is known to be the plant of immortality. It contains Auxins and Gibberellins that are capable of moisturizing your skin, clearing out acne problems, and unclogging your skin pores.

Oshea Herbals recommends you follow the list of special tips for winter travel. Enjoy your trip to your beautiful self.

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