Some Tips To Identify Your Sin Type

Some Tips To Identify Your Sin Type

Some Tips To Identify Your Sin Type

Today’s blog will introduce you to Some Tips To Identify Your Skin Type.

At her college freshers’ party, Tanni noticed Samaira’s face glowing with radiance. When asked, Samaira revealed her secret of resorting to a new cosmetic brand and had the results in hand. Followingly, Tanni switched over to that same brand; but unfortunately, within a week, the blooming pimples and acne compelled her to call for a doctor.

So, dear ladies, what do you learn from this?

How To Find Your Skin Type?

If you want to achieve your desired look, you first need to make a detailed research on your own skin type. Every individual has his unique skin quality which demands unique care and protection. If your skin is oily, your skin regimen should include anti-oil beauty products as excess oil secretion can clog pores. Let us see, what are the probable methods to categorize your skin type.

Some Tips To Identify Your Sin Type


Dry skin is certainly not easy to tackle. Especially you need to put in a lot of effort to keep your skin hydrated. People with dry skin should use heavy moisturizers and face creams to impart oil and nourish the skin inside out. Dry skin can be due to climatic changes, heredity, hormonal issues, or an inappropriate diet. To add an extra glow to your skin, use Oshea Herbals’ moisturizing lotion every day.


Normal skin shows the perfect balance between dryness and oil secretion. But it is a misconception that a normal skin type is suitable for any kind of makeup or beauty product. One should invest a little effort and nourishment to preserve the skin with increasing age. Even normal skin can suffer from issues like acne, pimple, or rashes. Choosing the right product can augment the youth of the skin for a long time.


Every skin type secretes oil, but the over-active oil glands are mostly responsible for causing oily skin issues. If you put a blotting paper on your T-zone which emits shine and glow, it is supposed that you have oily skin. The treatment for oily skin is easy and mess-free. Put on any lightweight moisturizer that protects your skin as well as maintains the oil balance.

If you are still confused about your skin type or don’t have enough time to invest in exploring your skin, then we have more options to help you reach the right conclusion.  First comes Bare Face Method and secondly, Blotting Test.

Bare Face Method

Wash your face with a mild face wash. Pat it dry without applying any beauty product or cosmetic. Wait for 30 minutes until you start off with the test. Now go in front of a mirror and smile broadly. If your skin feels tight, assume you have dry skin; if your forehead, nose, and cheeks emit a shiny glow, you are sure to have oily skin while a slight radiance in your nose and forehead indicates normal skin. One of the easiest ways to determine your skin texture – go for it!

Blotting Test

You can surely cling to this faster method. Collect some blotting papers and pat on different areas of your face. Put it for some time and then observe how much oil has the sheet absorbed. If there is no oil, you have dry skin; less oil confirms normal skin while excess oil articulates oily skin. Get your skin type analyzed now.


Knowledge about the right skin type can always give you the best nourishment as well as your most desired appearance. Rather than changing over your brand overnight, gel more with your skin. Seek medical advice in case you possess sensitive skin. Use cruelty-free, gentle products that will restore your skin balance and moisture. Try out the varied products of Oshea Herbals, a trusted brand for years, and adorn your beauty more with time!!


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