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Learn Some Easy And Quick Steps Of Nail Art At Home

Some Easy And Quick Steps Of Nail Art At Home

Some Easy And Quick Steps Of Nail Art At Home:

If you are not accustomed to this type of art, then better be; because the blooming popularity of nail art has drawn millions of youngsters to salons every day. Why not showcase your nails with panache when you have innumerable fun tricks to implement at home?

Don’t let the artist in you sit idle. Employ your innovations to coat your nails with a brand new design. Who can say your ideas on new and easy techniques of nail art might be the next most trending video on social media? Cut on your salon expenses when you can learn with us some interesting, nifty tips on nail art.


Some Easy And Quick Steps Of Nail Art At Home:

Some easy and quick steps of nail art at home are below:


Let’s assume that you are in love with your nails but too lazy to style them. Here we come with a loofah trick. Paint your nail with any of your favorite base colors. Now put a bath loofah over your nail. Using golden or silver glitter gives you a fishnet manicure look. Remember, be wise with your choice of colors. If the base color is dark, opt for a lighter shade on its top.



If you look at the polka dots in dressing styles, you can get an idea about the dimension it has added to the world of fashion. Dots can be mesmerizing even in manicure. Look out for some neutral nail colors with white or black dots over them. Let your nails speak about your simplicity this time.



Glitter stripes require zero effort yet the results are astonishing. If you are attending a high-profile party, but need to maintain elegance in your attire, glitter stripes can be the best pick. Use any gold-glitter nail paint and get a single stripe on each nail. See how one swipe can bring a noteworthy difference in your attitude.



Diagonals are damn easy to pursue. Use any tape to cover half of your nail diagonally. Paint your favorite color on the other half and there you get a new look. You can either use two shades or stick to one in case you are in a hurry. Incorporate new ideas and enjoy the art of designing.



Nail art without neon colors in the list will always keep you off track. Try choosing neon colors in partnership with glitters. I can assure you that a tumultuous wave of compliments awaits you. If you have a loud personality, neon colors will speak for it.



For enjoying the perks of this manicure type, get hold of a portion of a sponge and some toothpicks. Select two of your favorite nail colors that create great contrast – one lighter and the other darker. Paint your nail the lighter shade and leave it for drying. Now place the two withdrawn nail colors side by side on a flat surface so that their edges touch each other. Use a toothpick to swirl the edges where the colors meet. Followingly, take the sponge and dab it on the mixed paint. Add a coating at the top of your nails to make the perfect blend. Repeat the process for smooth and stunning results.


Trying nail art at home can consume the quality time of your day. At times when you are bored out due to excess work or fatigue, implementing some new ideas on nail artistry can be fanciful. Oshea Herbals bring to you a wide range of nail paints with vibrant colors and a glossy look. Your nail health is as important as your skin or hair.

 In this prolonged period of being at home, pamper yourself with some of the latest collections of nail paints by us. Make manicures easy and affordable with more variations displayed on our Oshea Herbals website. Remember, if you feel beautiful, you’ll naturally look so.


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