Skincare Tips For Teenagers For This Summer

Skincare tips for teenagers:

Usually, with the advent of summer, there occurs a tumultuous wave of changes in our daily routine. Beginning from food habits to trendy outfits, we brood a lot. But when it comes to preserving our skin, somewhere we follow those age-old conventional techniques without much research. Dermatologists have opined that every season comes with its special attributes; so the skin care regimen for each season should be different.

Statistical estimations reveal that skin problems are mostly noticed among teenagers. The growing years of the teens often experience sudden hormonal changes resulting in acne, pimples, skin tanning, wrinkles; the intense exposure to the outside world might not go hand in hand with the skin textures. Thus, here we are with some special Skincare tips for teenagers about how to keep your skin young and refreshing even in summer.

Skincare tips for teenagers:

# choose the correct moisturizer

Using a moisturizer in summer??? Yes, dear. Moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated and protected. But the fact lies in what kind of moisturizer should we use. Winters are usually rough and dry. So we use heavy moisturizers to draw a layer over the skin. But in summer, you should rather jump into a light weighted moisturizing lotion that will add radiance to your skin. You can also use face serum to preserve your makeup.

# revise your make up products list

Always put light make-up in summer. If you want to look charming yet hide your sweat, then you will have to choose the right make-up for yourself. A BB cream can always benefit you or a lightweight foundation; some translucent powder will give a complete look to you. These products will help your skin look glowing and supply ample air circulation through the pores.

# shield yourself with a better SPF

Sun protection factor or SPF should be present in every product you use in summer. Sunscreens are better if you apply them to your skin before going out. The harmful UV rays might cause skin aging faster than the usual rate. So it is suggested either you go for sunscreen lotions or pick up BB cream or any branded foundation which has an elevated SPF factor.

# cleanse with care

Summer care should always be different from that of winter. Whenever you purchase a face wash, make sure that you choose one with the following ingredients – resveratrol, healing silver ions, and salicylic acid. These components can brighten your face, remove dirt follicles, and causes detoxication.

# hear out some natural remedies

One of the easiest remedies to cling on is to drink plenty of water. When you wake up, start your day with a glass full of water. Abundant water will help you hydrate your skin and keep it glowing on every occasion. If you are tired of drinking plain water, then switch over to fruit juices. Even having a sip of green tea will also rejuvenate you to the fullest. Get sufficient sleep, indulge in some exercises, and maintain a light food diet.

To add up

Summer is the season of fashion, food, and fiesta. So, never cease to make the most of it when you can. Especially for teenagers, life is all about how you explore. Face it with a beautiful face. Remember you are most beautiful in your adolescence.

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