Hydration Or Moisturization – What’s More Important?

Hydration Or Moisturization - What's More Important?

Hydration Or Moisturization – What’s More Important?

Today’s blog will help you determine – Hydration Or Moisturization – What’s More Important?

People might overlook the importance of hydration for their skin. But it’s noteworthy to mention that feeding your skin an ample amount of water is as important as feeding water to your body. Now the fact that often bewilders us is to determine whether hydrating or moisturizing share equal importance? Or surpass each other’s abilities in your skin nourishment?

Hydration and moisturization are equally indispensable for your skin health. Before diving in for more answers, try figuring out your skin type – dry or dehydrated. Don’t worry, your skin requirement will fetch you the right answer without any hassle.


Hydration Or Moisturization – What’s More Important?

What is Hydration?

While your skin is busy absorbing moisture present in the air and supplying it to the cells to improve your skin texture, then you go through the process of hydration. Hydration treats dehydrated skin and enriches it with nutrients and moisture.


What is Moisturization?

In the process of moisturization, your skin not only entraps moisture but also locks it to create a natural protective sheath. This sheath does not allow water and nutrients to escape from the skin pores. A healthy skin type will undoubtedly contain a perfect proportion of oil, water, and nutrients.


Pick out the difference

As we have already mentioned what hydration and moisturization offer to our skin, it’s essential to know the distinction between the two.

Have you ever given it a thought that your skin might be thirsty just like your body? Quenching your body thirst is easier, but for your skin, put in a little more effort. If your skin is dehydrated, choose hydrators to maintain beautiful, supple skin. That’s where hydrators come into use.

Hydration alone is not sufficient to add health and radiance to your skin, you need moisturization on the top. Moisturizers impart oiliness to your skin and therefore lock hydration from escaping. This prevents dryness and helps your skin appear younger and glowing.

Some observations should never go out of your reach. Dehydrated skin won’t absorb moisture from within even if its oil content is high. Hydration must form the base while moisturizers should reside over it. Your skin without either of the contents will appear dull and flaky.


What does your skin need? Hydrator or moisturizer?

These days, we are surrounded by multiple skin products offering complete nourishment, ensuring skin health benefits, and much more but the factor that should curb our attention is what to choose among so many?

Innumerable hydrators, moisturizers are there to cut your pocket but which one should your skin resort to? If your skin is dry, you must be losing moisture. This especially occurs in winter when you have dryness prevailing everywhere. Apply your favorite moisturizer and solve your dry skin issues instantly.

On the other hand, pointing out dehydrated skin is easy. If you see fine lines and wrinkles on your face, assume that your skin is dull and dehydrated and what lies more important for you is to use a hydrator promptly.


Suggested moisturizers and hydrators

Hydration occurs when you drink water frequently throughout the day. It nourishes your body and skin simultaneously. Whereas treating your skin from the outside involves products containing powerful ingredients that can penetrate deeply and create a substantial difference in your skin health quotient.

Oshea Herbals offers Cocoahoney moisturizing lotion that maintains pH balance and enhances moisture-retaining properties. Enriched with plant extracts, it also helps in improving skin firmness and elasticity. Grapemoist moisturizing lotion is another on the list to maintain an ideal level of hydration along with replenishing moisture and giving smooth, glowing skin.


Here we conclude…

Hydration and moisturization are the keys to your healthy, glowing skin. Do not compromise on the essentials needed to boost your skin glow. Let your skin do all the healthy talking with Oshea Herbals!!


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