Sasthi-Special Skincare Tips

Sasthi-Special Skincare Tips

This blog gives you the best skincare suggestions you can opt-out to shine on the auspicious occasion of Mahasasthi. Let’s explore together the Sasthi-Special Skincare Tips.

Are you relishing the flavors of Durga Puja with your family this year? Or did your leave get rejected? Well, it really doesn’t matter much. Wherever you stay, either in Bengal or outside, the holiness and sanctity of Maa Durga arriving from the remote mountains of Kailash will certainly touch the core of your heart. So, hear out the most scintillating Sasthi-special skincare tips and shine out amidst the crowd in the pandals.

You might get exhausted after the long phase of pre-puja arrangements like shopping for yourself, friends, and family, office work, household chores, and many more that never get registered in this list. But in this hectic schedule, what gets utterly ignored is your skincare regimen. In this puja hustle and bustle, your skin should always look ready and rocking. For that, you need to follow this specific routine –

Sasthi-Special Skincare Tips

  • Homemade gold facial – Pujo is incomplete without a facial. Your skin gets nourished and radiant when the clogged pores are cleared out, blackheads and whiteheads are removed, the dead skin cells are exfoliated, and your skin finally feels hydrated and moisturized. A round of exuberating facials will help you get a persistent skin glow. Better not crowd up around any local parlor as they remain packed up during the pujas. Check out the Oshea Herbals Facial kits and pick up one that suits your skin tone and type.
  • Spray some rose water – Rosewater is wonderful for reducing inflammations, skin redness, and provides comfort to acne. Spray rose water to your facial skin before you tend to put on makeup. Rosewater also enhances the firmness of your skin and cuts down on fine lines and wrinkles that make your skin look bright with smoothened texture. On the day of Mahasasthi, do not forget to spray rosewater on your skin to secure a supplement on your makeup. Explore the Oshea Herbals Toners for improving skin radiance.
  • Night skincare routine – Putting on makeup is easy but often fatigue becomes our biggest enemy when it comes to removing it. Remember, these days, cosmetics are water-proof. So, washing out your face with water is not sufficient. After pandal hopping, sweating out in the crowd, your face naturally loses its fizz. But makeup if left overnight, the chemical components present in them will penetrate into your skin causing damage. So, use a cleanser to remove all your makeup. Use the Oshea Herbals cleansers for gaining fresh, revitalized skin.


Some instant short skincare tips

  • Be delicate while you remove your eye makeup. Your eye region is soft and sensitive. Rough handling can damage your eyelashes.
  • Always use clean cotton balls to remove your makeup. Once a piece of cotton is littered, try using a new one. The littered cotton should not be used twice as it can make your skin impure again.
  • Carry a suitable compact powder for your skin. Keep applying for a rejuvenated look.
  • Apply makeup uniformly on your face. Make sure that your chin, front and back neck show the same color.
  • Get the habit of carrying face ipes. While you sweat out, wipe off with those wipers. Never allow your makeup to meltdown.

Oshea Herbals is all set to welcome Maa Durga in the most opulent manner. So, get ready for pandal hopping, hanging out with friends and family, enjoying puja-special prasad, indulging in the age-old puja rituals, the conventional Dhunuchi dance, and much more. Whatever you do, wherever you go, your beauty quotient should always be your top priority in puja. We, Oshea Herbals promise to keep up your glow and radiance throughout the puja.

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