PUJA-SPECIAL Skincare Combo Packs

PUJA-SPECIAL Skincare Combo Packs

PUJA-SPECIAL Skincare Combo Packs

Today’s blog will enlighten you on the Pujo-special skincare combo packs that improve your skin quality and treat imperfections naturally.

Once you hear the Pujo bells ringing, understand that it’s time to gear up your skincare routine to rock and roll in this festive spirit. To us, Durga pujo is the best time for shopping – be it for apparel, beauty products, cosmetics, anything and everything that connects you to your best look ever.

Pujo is always special and you have every reason to deck up for these special days. But, pre-pujo shopping, managing your hectic work schedule, weather change altogether can add to your facial skin a layer of fatigue, clogged pores, dirt, dark circles, dark spots, and many more. So, here we are with some pujo-special combo-pack strategies that are easy to insert into your pre-pujo daily skincare routine and can help you obtain faster results.

PUJA-SPECIAL Skincare Combo Packs

Acne care combo

Acne care combo by Oshea Herbals includes Neempure anti-acne & pimple facewash, Teatree Balancing skin toner, Neempure anti-acne & pimple face pack, Neempure anti-acne & pimple cream.

Why does acne occur?

Make sure you know the causes of acne so that you can avoid them. Acne occurs due to these reasons –

  • OVERACTIVE SEBACEOUS GLANDS – Sebaceous glands create sebum or oil. Those who have oily skin are prone to acne because of the excess oil production that results in clogging the pores. The bacteria reside in these pores and are responsible for the acne breakouts.

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  • DEAD SKIN CELLS SHEDDING AT AN ABNORMAL RATE – Exfoliation is a natural process that sheds away the dead skin cells from your skin. But acne-prone skin produces more dead skin cells than normal and is unable to exfoliate naturally. The cells remain stuck to the foliage and therefore create a blockage that forms acne.


  • PRESENCE OF BACTERIA – Oxygen is important for your skin to breathe. P. bacteria absorbs the oil trapped in your skin pores and causes redness, inflammation, and finally pus. P. bacteria cannot be removed in simple cleansing. This enhances the chances of bacteria more and more.

Try this Oshea Herbals Acne-care combo pack and cut down on your acne and pimples easily. Neem extract helps to combat acne and pimples to a great extent. It even controls sebum production as well as is a great cure for itchy skin, inflammation, and swellings.

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D-tan Range Combo

D-tan Range Combo includes Radiance D-tan Facewash, Radiance D-tan Face scrub, Radiance D-tan Face pack. Oshea Herbals has designed this combo pack especially for those who have to go out for work in the sun and often suffer from stubborn tan.

Why do we get tan?

Tanning is natural but when it darkens your skin tone for a longer period of time, then it is time for you to think about de-tanning the exposed parts of your body. Usually, when we go out in the scorching sun, we tend to come in contact with UV radiation. It increases the melanin production in our skin and damages the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin surface. Our body’s immunity system helps to circulate blood to the affected areas of the skin. So when we return home after staying in the sun for a long time, our skin feels hot and redness prevails. They often cause itchiness and irritation.

So, tanning is no more tension. Use the entire D-tan Range Combo pack to ensure your skin’s safety against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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Blemish Control Combo

Blemish Control Combo includes Papayaclean anti-blemishes facewash, Papayaclean anti-blemishes face pack, Papayaclean anti-blemishes face cream.

Why do blemishes occur?

Blemishes are spots, marks on the skin that are caused due to infections, sun exposure, genetics, clogged pores, unhealthy diet, less-immuned liver, and so on. Often post-acne and pimple marks stay on your skin that are named blemishes.

Blemishes can be stubborn at times. If you want to possess flawless skin, you can start resorting to Oshea Herbals Blemish Control Combo. Aloe vera, licorice, and papaya extracts are beneficial for the skin. They remove dark spots and pigmentation, reduce melanin production, and nourishes the skin.

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Pujo is knocking at the door. So, don’t wait anymore. Grab the Oshea Herbals Combo Pack and be the beauty you want to be.

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