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Phytogain Hair V/T

Phytogain hair vitalizer that heals damaged roots and controls hair fall. A unique blend of rare and essential herbs. It stimulates the anagenic phase of the hair growth cycle and also works to reverse the effects of harmful substances on hair growth. It induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells, which results in faster development of hair follicles. It improves tensile strength of hair and increase hair density.

Hairfall Control Serum

The revolutionary herbal formula that targets the root cause of excessive hair loss and thinning hair condition. This exclusive hair fall control serum contains herbals extracts which help to revive and strengthen every hair strand right to the roots. Hair Loss is visibly reduced and hair growth optimised for fuller, more voluminous hair.

Amla Care Shampoo

Amlacare hair fall control shampoo is specially developed to suit all hair types. This specialized shampoo helps remove excessive oil while maintaining the natural balance of hair. Its natural therapeutic properties help to control hair loss, provide nutrition and strengthen the hair shaft.

Smother Hair serum

This non sticky hair serum is enriched with vitamin E and spreads evenly on hair. It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage, leaving behind a shiny, protective sheath that keeps your hair soft, shiny and beautiful, no matter what your hair type. This serum can set it free from almost every problem.

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Amla: Strengthens hair, prevents dandruff and adds lustre. Ashwagandha: Prevent hair loss and premature greying of hair. Neem: Improves blood circulation of scalp.

Aqua: Hydrates your scalp and hair. Citric Acid: Removes dandruff. Ginseng extract: Improves blood circulation of the scalp. Basil extract: Strengthens hair from the roots. Neem extract: Repairs hair from damage and combats scalp infections. Amla extract: Adds a shine to your hair. Capsicum extract: Boosts hair growth. Ashwagandha extract: Stops premature greying of hair.

Amla: Strengthens roots. Adds shine to hair. Treats dandruff. Moisturizes scalp & hair. Prevents premature greying.

Vitamin E: Improves the blood circulation of the scalp. Ginseng Extract: Prevents hair loss. Olive Oil: Deeply moisturizes your hair and treats dandruff.

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