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Neempure Facewash

This absolute oil control face wash is specially formulated for oily, sensitive and pimple-prone skin. It contains Neem leaf extract and other herbal ingredients that help remove excess oil and impurities while toning and refreshing the skin.

Tee Tree Toner

The combination of natural ingredients in this teatree toner reduces oil production, cures pimples, fights bacteria & fungi and detoxifies the skin.

Neempue Face Pack

This deep purifying anti microbial and antiseptic face pack cleanses the skin while helping to absorb toxins and excess oil. Regular use of this pack helps get rid of pimples, acne, blemishes and dark spots. It also makes the complexion fair and enhances facial brightness.

Neempure Cream

This unique formula has antiseptic and healing properties of natural herbal extracts to clear pimples and skin eruptions. Keeps skin soft and smooth. Has excellent astringent and cooling properties for acne treatment. It contains combination of natural ingredients that work together to reduce pimples, pores size, oiliness of skin and lightens the post pimples marks. Skin feels pleasantly smoother, cleared and softer. Oiliness is controlled giving the face a soft, radiant.

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Neem extract: It combats acne and pimples. It protects the skin from damage. Turmeric extract: It brightens your skin tone and fights bacteria causing acne.

Tea tree oil and neem extracts

Neem extract-It soothes red, itchy, and inflamed skin. Highly useful in reducing the effects of acne, eczema, and rashes. It also acts as a protective agent against skin damage caused by harmful UV rays.

Neem extract: Neem is a multi-purpose herbal bliss. It prevents acne, pimples and excess oil secretion.

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