Pre-Diwali Hair Care Routine For Adding That “Extra” Luster To Your Hair


Diwali is just a couple of days away, and we are sure that you have been keeping so busy that you hardly earned any “me-time” to pamper yourself, especially your locks. Following a rigid hair care routine is anyway a tedious task as it comprises of a wide range of steps that need to be followed. However, for this particular week, we have curated a special, Pre-Diwali hair care routine for you all so that when you end up going to a Diwali party, everyone’s eyes are glued on you or precisely, your tresses.

Now to follow this hair care routine, you have to abide by four different steps that are not difficult to follow. So, are you ready to know about those four steps that are going to improve your hair texture and make it smooth and lustrous? If yes, then keep reading this blog!

Pre-Diwali Hair Care Routine

Step 1: Oil Your Hair Every Single Day

Oil to your hair is as essential as water to a plant; it nurtures it, strengthens it, and helps it grow. Oiling your hair regularly gives it all the essential nutrients it needs, thereby preventing it from breakage, premature greying, and stubborn dandruff. But, never opt for any random hair oil.

With numerous hair oils available in the markets, you are bound to get spoilt for choice. But your decision can make or break your hair, so be very particular. We suggest you use our Phytogain Hair Oil that has the goodness of various authentic herbs that’s going to give your dull and dry hair, a super boost.

Apply this every night before sleep, and wake up to soft and smooth hair.

Step 2: Cleanse Your Scalp, Nourish Your Hair  

By the header, you must have already guessed about the next step? Yes, we are about to talk about shampooing and conditioning. For the pre-Diwali haircare routine please ditch your sulphate and paraben-based shampoo and conditioner and instead, opt for our wide range of shampoos and conditioners that are not just herbal but also animal cruelty-free, and of course, paraben-free!

If we have to suggest one shampoo and a conditioner from our range then we would vouch for Oshea’s Heenashine Conditioning Shampoo and Avoshine Hair Conditioner.

Step 3: Serum Is the New Normal

Many men and women think that serum isn’t a necessity, it’s a luxury for the hair. But, in today’s era, with the rise in dust and pollution, your hair tends to get rough, dull, and extremely dry. This is precisely why a serum is always needed to protect your hair from anything and everything that harms it. 

You may consider using our Smoother Hair Serum with the goodness of vitamin E. Before you hit the streets, apply a little bit of this serum to detangle your hair, to make it soft and shiny, and to add a protective layer.

Step 4: Hair Spa Made Easy!

With coronavirus hovering over us, going to the salon for a hair spa session wouldn’t be a wise decision. Hence, you should get it done at home.

Oshea has got a product called the Hair Butter Spa that is specially formulated with organic ingredients such as – Brassica oil derivatives (Kerabase) that nourishes the scalp, strengthens your tresses, as well as repairs and restores its moisture. Use this a day before Diwali, and wait for this buttery solution to do its magic!

Was this pre-Diwali haircare routine easy enough? If yes, then order these aforementioned products and start this hair care routine right away! We have got some exciting Diwali offers too, so you may consider going through them as well.




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