Miracles Of Oshea Herbals Phyto Range Products

Miracles Of Oshea Herbals Phyto Range Products

This blog draws a picture of the miracles of Oshea Herbals Phyto Range products.

We believe what is natural is beautiful. Our Mother Nature is the storehouse of immeasurable beauty secrets. Over the decades, the Oshea Herbals team has tried to gather the boons of nature, rekindle the traditions of Ayurveda and infuse them into their products made with utmost love and intense care. 

Oshea Herbals’ Phyto Range is the result of all such accumulated blessings of nature. Made with natural ingredients, Phyto Range is suitable for all skin types. Wanna get a hike on your glow, fairness, and overall nourishment? Know the one-stop solution standing right here.

Miracles Of Oshea Herbals Phyto Range Products:



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  • PhytoAge Skin Moisturizing EmulsionPhytoAge Skin Moisturizing Emulsion is enriched with Baobab oil, Phytol, and Isomalt. Other Botanical extracts like Ginseng, Mulberry extract, Ginger, Ashwagandha play a pivotal role in skin cell regeneration, erase fine lines, and restructure the cell renewal process precisely. Added to all these benefits, you get absolute moisturization. The USP of this product lies in its ability to combat urban aggressors trespassing on your skin surface.

Application – Clean with Oshea Herbals Facewash. Take a considerable amount of cream to cover your neck and face. Massage in a circular motion for optimum results.


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  • PhytoAge Anti-Ageing Serum From the name itself, it is evident that Oshea Herbals PhytoAge Anti-Ageing Serum restores youthfulness and slows down the aging process successfully. It is enriched with multifunctional active ingredients namely Terminalia Ferdinandiana fruit extract ( vitamin C ), Maltodextrin, Swertia chirata extract, cyclotetrapeptide. The botanical extracts include Ginseng, Ginger, Aloe vera extracts which are effective on fine lines, wrinkles, and provide natural repair. You can also get rid of your oxidative stress and unwanted skin redness.

Application – Serums work fabulously on a clean face. After the bath, take a small amount of serum, apply it to your facial skin, and massage gently. 

phytoface wash

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  • Phytowash Luxury Facewash Your skin can never survive without facewash. So, Oshea Herbals brings Phytowash Luxury Facewash, formulated with bearberry, licorice, mulberry, and aloe vera extracts. Bearberry extracts can brighten your skin tone, and clear out dark spots, freckles, and acne scars. Licorice is known for fighting against oxidative stress and excess sebum production. Aloe vera soothes, moisturizes, and reduces inflammation in your skin. Mulberry extracts remove pigments and add radiance to your skin. To ward off impurities forever, rely on Phytowash luxury facewash. It also deeply cleanses your skin and unclog pores.

Application – Whenever your skin feels dull and full of dirt, never forget to use this facewash. Take a small amount on your fingertips and move your fingers in a circular motion to deep cleanse from within. Rinse off with water and pat dry.


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  • Phytolight Day CreamThis is a nine-in-one multipurpose cream with skin-responsive botanical ingredients. It brightens and lightens your skin complexion. It also reduces melanin transfer to the skin surface. This cream is uniquely built with pea, soybean, apple, and bearberry extracts. Peas help your skin to appear light and young while soybean extracts moisturize and impart skin firmness. Apple can disappear the dark circles around your eyes. From bearberry, you get a brighten skin tone and fairer complexion.

Application – Apply on a clean face. Massage gently in a circular motion to retrieve soft and supple skin.


  • PhytoAge Age Reversal CremeAging is a natural process but we need to hold it within our grip. To say goodbye to age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, use PhytoAge Reversal Cream. This cream moisturizes your skin from within and removes dark patches on your skin. Your skin gets healed and you earn a better texture. 

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Application – On your cleaned face, apply this cream liberally all over your face and neck. Massage well to obtain glowing, nourished, and soft skin.

Do visit the Oshea Herbals website and pick the right product for solving your skin problem. We are always there to guide you and your skin forever.

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