Let Berries Be the Secret to Your Glowing Skin This Winter

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There are quite a few ways to define beauty – we care for inner beauty as much as we do about our skin. Who wouldn’t want a healthy and glowing skin right? But how do we achieve it? Most of us know that eating a variety of berries is always a healthy choice, but what’s even more fascinating is that they provide many benefits when applied to the skin directly, even better if it’s in your skincare products.

Why Are Berries Good for Skin You Ask?

One of the key reasons why a large variety of berries are healthy for the skin, including blueberry, blackberry, mulberry, raspberry, and strawberry, is that they are chock-full of strong phenolic antioxidant compounds. Their job is to help the plants in the wild resist environmental stressors, just so you didn’t know they can also do this for your skin.

We, Oshea Herbals, have carefully curated some wonderful berrilicious products that are going to keep dull and dry skin at bay and let you bring out the missing glow in your skin. Our products are here to nourish and revitalize the complexion while keeping your skin moist 24*7! To make it even easier for you to choose from, we have handpicked the products for you guys! To know more about each, keep reading.

Glopure Fairness Face Wash

Glopure Fairness Face Wash is formulated from ingredients such as Blackberry, which serves as a natural bleaching agent as it regulates the production of excess oil and detoxifies the skin. It relieves dry and sensitive skin. It helps in the development of melanin in the skin, unclog pores and cleanse the dark spots naturally. It helps to nourish and revitalise the complexion and make the skin appear soft and radiant.

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Phytowash 9 in 1 Face Wash

Oshea Herbals Phytowash 9 in 1 Face Wash is specially formulated with this special botanical extracts such as mulberry which take care of your skin the right away. The mulberry extract has been shown to assist in skin lightening through the action of anti-tyrosinase. The ageing process is also known to slow down, thereby making it an excellent ingredient to work with. It has moisturizing properties and vitamins that help confer a natural glow and make skin plumped and radiant at the same time.

Glopure Fairness Face Scrub

Our Glopure fairness face scrub has exfoliating properties of our most loved berry, strawberry, that clean deep into pores and removes dull surface cells, leaving the skin clear and radiant. Strawberry is a rich source of vitamin C which is great for your skin as it fights off free radicals. The acidic nature of strawberries allows it to eliminate excess oil in the skin.

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Glopure Body Butter. 

Our Glopure Body Butter is loaded with Bearberry extract which is probably one of the best anti-ageing skincare ingredients out there, with all its promising compounds, including berberine, which functions as an antioxidant. It is a natural hydroquinone substitute and is usually safe for all forms of skin. Since bearberry extract has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, it can make us look young, radiant, and ageless.

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These handpicked berry beauties are a good rescue option to keep your skin happy this winter. We’ve shared the secret with you now pick your cue and get glowing this winter!

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