Is your hair thinning out? Follow this ‘to-do list’ every day!!


Is your hair thinning out?

While you are running fingers through the hair, you notice your beautiful strands finding their way to your palm. What does this mean? It is a signal to insinuate that now it’s high time not only to love your hair but to nurture it with care. 

  Hairfall can be hereditary, due to hormonal changes or simple aging issues. But whatever be the reason, baldness is never appreciated. If you are young enough but still your hair is thinning, either consult a dermatologist before it’s too late or try out some home remedies that can promptly help your hair to regrow. Here are some nifty tips to follow.


Is your hair thinning out?

Relaxing hair massage

Hair loss can also be a stress-related issue. Those who tend to indulge in developing stress in minor situations can suffer from premature hairfall. But if you massage your scalp with suitable hair oil or hair mask, there are ample chances to restore the growth of your hair. It is believed that massaging the scalp can help in reducing stress and anxiety while it ensures thickness in the dermal papilla cells.


Coconut oil

Among the toiletries, you choose to shop for every month, coconut oil is a must-purchase. Isn’t it? Yes, because coconut oil has a combination of fatty acids which creeps through the hair shafts and decreases loss of protein. You can massage coconut oil before washing your hair or leave it overnight in your hair to get absorbed. Research shows that coconut oil treatment for hair has proved fruitful in most cases.



The citric acid in lemons prevents the loosening of hair follicles. They also help in reducing dandruff. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and apply it to your scalp before going for a hair wash. You can also use lemon essential oil proportionately blended with coconut oil.


Switch to Garlic juice, Onion juice, or Ginger juice

Squeeze the juice of whichever is available in your kitchen. If you can endure the odor of these overnight, you are sure to rejoice in the benefits at the end of the day. Onion juice in particular is a hair growth promoter that ensures increased blood circulation to the cuticles. So, do not allow the tension of your hair loss to affect your peaceful sleep. Pick out any of these remedies for assured hair growth.


Fish Oil

Omega fatty acid is an immunity booster that can improve the health of your hair. Enriched with nutrients and proteins, consumption of Omega fatty acids combined with antioxidants can prevent your hair from thinning and ensure thick, long, shining hair.


Geranium oil

Geranium oil controls the production of sebum and natural oils. It helps in nourishing the scalp. It is an essential oil that can be mixed in drops with some carrier oil to apply to your hair. It helps in the wonderful growth of hair in a rapid mode.


Hair fall is a serious issue and you should be careful about it. Do not allow your hair to sweat excessively. While going out, cover your hair with caps or hats. Do not brush wet hair as it tends to tangle more. Use fewer hair cosmetics as much as possible and stay away from dryers and straightening. Indulge in more vitamins, minerals, and proteins in your regular diet and keep hydrated even if it’s monsoon.


Just as your body, your hair also needs your attention. Even if once in a while, apply hair masks or essential oils to soothe and soften your hair strands. Watch out for the wide range of hair care products by Oshea Herbals. Untangle the mystery of beautiful hair with us. Remember strong, luscious hair is a sign of good health!!


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