How To Remove Sun Tan Fully in 3 ways With Oshea D-Tan Range

Sun Tan

Generally, people think that skin tanning is a process that occurs only when they visit a beach destination, and stay longer under the sun or in and around the sea. But in reality, sun tan can be caused even when you are exposed to the sun, even for five minutes. It’s a process where the melanin (skin pigment) increase drastically due to sun exposure. Although none of us like to get tanned but honestly, this is a natural way in which, the skin tries to shield itself from the scorching and harmful sun rays.

Now, do we keep our skin tanned? No ways! It’s not about getting darker; it’s about not being able to flaunt flawless, supple, and glowing skin. With technological advancements, many treatments have popped up that can help us get rid of sun tan. But, that would be a costly affair. So, it’s best for us to stick to the natural ingredients that may take time, but would ultimately help us get rid of tanned skin.

Oshea herbals have curated a range of products that helps in de-tanning. The products are not just effective when it comes to removing the rigid tan but also, skin-friendly, as it is purely made of herbs and doesn’t contain any animal-based ingredient.

Below, we have listed down the names of the products that fall under our d-tan range. we have also mentioned its utility. So, just keep reading!

How to remove sun tan in 3 ways


We don’t want to sound boasty, but this tan glow face wash is hands-down miraculous! Just one wash and your face start looking radiant than before. Formulated with botanical extracts such as Basil, Emblica, and Green-Apple, this face wash is definitely a must-try!

Use this twice a day, once when you wake up, and once when you just reach home after a long and tiring day at work. That’s it! The next thing that you need to do is just wait until that brownish layer fades away.

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Many women assume that using a face wash is more than enough to keep their skin healthy and glowing. But, this is completely a misunderstanding. Face wash is an element that is used to clean your skin. However, to keep your skin healthy, you need to do a little more than washing; you need to scrub it. Not every day, but at least thrice a week.

Scrubbing your face with our D tan scrub will remove all the dead cells caused by the sunlight, and make your face look way brighter. It consists of – Licorice, Grapefruit, and Arbutin extract, which together form an amazing combo to effortlessly peel away the tanned and damaged skin.

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Although the era is all about face mask sheets and peel-off masks, you can never deny the soothing feeling that a face pack can grant you. And, when you apply our Radiance D-Tan Face Pack, you get that cool and soothing effect instantly; thanks to its core ingredient Aloe vera. Apart from aloe vera, the other ingredients that are included in this amazing face pack are as follows – Arbutin, Mulberry, and last but not the least, Licorice extract, which helps in fading the tanned areas.

This face pack can be applied on your neck shoulders and hands too. So forget to worry about how to remove sun tan.

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So, these were the three things that constitute the Oshea De-Tan Range. Apart from de-tanning, if you want to do something extra for your skin, use our special– Glowpure Fairness Serum at night. It not only makes your skin tone, a few shades lighter but also enhances its glow.

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