How To Pick The Perfect Shade Of Foundation?

How To Pick The Perfect Shade Of Foundation

How to pick the perfect shade of foundation

Let’s learn together through this blog how to pick the perfect shade of foundation for your skin.

Your skin is unique and one of a kind. So, it’s obvious that you can’t randomly choose a foundation shade for yourself. If skin tones are different then why should not be the foundation? Many people presume that makeup does not require much attention and individuality. But if you are unable to determine the undertones of your skin, you would end up looking dull and flaky. 

Makeup is an art and it is always nice to be an artist at it. Making yourself look beautiful is something that everyone craves. If you are not an exception, then look before you pick up your foundation shade. Thus, we are here to guide you in the best possible way and help you hide your skin imperfections.

How to pick the perfect shade of foundation

The drawbacks of choosing the wrong foundation

There is no end to drawbacks if you are careless about the shade of your foundation. There might be a disparity between your face and neck complexion or maybe, you can notice the dullness of your face increasing as your makeup times out. Even it occurs when your face looks darker with makeup than your usual skin tone looks. 


What are the steps to follow to get a perfect makeup look?

A perfect makeup look is all about being technically smart with the brushes and cosmetics you choose for your skin. Before everything, you have to test your skin tone first. Now, let’s discover how to pick up the perfect foundation shade according to your skin complexion.

Skin tones are primarily distinguished into 3 main categories – light, medium, and deep. Under medium we have several shades like beige, tan, honey, etc. so, undergo the following tests to explore which category you fall under as that will help you choose the right shade of foundation always.


    • THE WRIST TEST – The color of your veins can be a great help to determine your skin tone perfectly. If you have bluish veins, then you belong to the cool category. If they are greenish, you fall under the warm section while unable to identify any specific color that proves your skin tone is neutral.
  • THE SUN TEST – Tanning implies you have a warm skin tone while if you turn red after being drenched in sunbeams, you are guessed to have a cool skin tone.
  • SKIN TYPE – Determining your skin type is the first step to choose your foundation correctly. Either you go for a matty shade or dewy, consider how well your foundation can blend with your skin. Because foundation tends to go deeper as it mixes up with your skin producing oil. Matte foundations are more suitable for combination to oily skin types.  
  • FINDING THE RIGHT LIGHT – Once you are done with your makeup, stand in natural light to notice if the shade of your foundation has given full coverage to your skin. How far your pigments are visible, or if your skin still appears ashy. The right light can help you determine your foundation.


 Foundation is the base makeup. So it’s necessary to choose the right one for your skin. If you have a favorite brand, explore the different shades of foundation it offers. Make your occasions more and more special with your best makeup look.

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