Grab the latest Monsoon deals in Combo offers!!

Monsoon deals in Combo offers

Monsoon deals in Combo offers:

Monsoon has arrived, so has the sultry weather and endless showers. If you plan to undergo a complete change in your regular skin and hair care routine at affordable prices, then look at these exciting combo offers and their benefits. You are sure to be left overwhelmed.


Combo offers provide you with a package of happiness. You have multiple products tied up together that ensure the complete nourishment of your skin and hair. Even if you miss out on any step, these combo offers can be a great guide in your journey to a healthy skin tour.


Monsoon deals in Combo offers:




With the monsoon taking a sneak peek, you need to be very careful to protect your skin from intense moisture and bacterial infections. The Monsoon skincare combo pack includes :

  • GLOPURE FAIRNESS  FACEWASH– It removes impurities from the skin pores and results in optimum skin whitening.


  •  TEATREE FRESH BALANCING SKIN TONER It detoxifies your skin and reduces oil production.


  • CARROT SHIELD ANTI-POLLUTION DAY CREAM WITH SPF 15– an effective shield against sunburn and moisturizes the skin throughout the day.


  • GLOPURE FAIRNESS FACE PACK– Enriched with extracts of Manjistha, Licorice, Aloe vera, Lemon juice, and many more, this pack is an all-in-one solution for securing bright, glowing skin.




Your hair fall problems get a hike, especially during monsoon. Why? Very simple. The moist weather does not allow your hair to dry up quickly. Dry scalp, increased humidity, contact with acidic rainwater contribute to your hair fall issues. The hair care combo by Oshea Herbals contains –

  • PHYTOGAIN HAIR VITALIZER – Herbal product as it is, Phytogain Hair Vitalizer treats damaged roots and increases hair thickness. You can attain a healthy hair growth cycle with this uniquely formulated vitalizer.


  • HAIRFALL CONTROL SERUM – After every wash, if you find your hair strands loosening, you indeed need some magical solution. Hairfall control serum reduces hair loss visibly. The natural extracts add nutrition to your hair and make it healthy and beautiful.


  • AMLACARE HAIR FALL CONTROL SHAMPOO – Choosing the right shampoo for your hair can be difficult. But what if your shampoo is suitable for all hair types? Amlacare Hairfall Control Shampoo removes excess oil from hair along with maintaining natural balance. Make sure not a single hair shaft goes without nutrition.


  • SMOTHER HAIR SERUM – Enriched with vitamin E, this hair serum by Oshea Herbals detangles your hair and smoothens frizzes. Get soft and shiny hair with ease.


Apart from Monsoon combos, there are more to enthrall you. Facewashes and moisturizers are daily necessities. You can purchase Phytolight Day Cream and Phytowash Luxury Facewash Combo for beautiful-looking skin.

Blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation trouble us all year round. To cut down on these problems, seek a permanent solution. Switch to using Papayaclean Anti-blemish Cream and Papaya Serum Combo to eradicate all skin imperfection now in a wink.

Your hair needs equal attention as your skin. Try using Hair Therapy Combo – uniquely formulated to strengthen your hair roots and add luster to your hair strands. This combo comes with Phytogain Hair Vitalizer, Phytogain Hair Serum, and Amlacare Hairfall Control Shampoo. Hairstyling becomes easy if your hair is frizz-free and manageable.


You must be on cloud nine to explore the hottest trending combo offers above. This monsoon, let us take initiative to beautify you more and more with our new range of beauty products in combo packs. Explore more on our Oshea Herbals website until you tire out. Grab the latest seasonal combo picks at a pocket-friendly budget. Remember, choosing Oshea Herbals is choosing to love yourself more than ever!!


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