Get Glowing This Christmas – 4 Beauty Tips That You Must Follow

Christmas is just 3 days away, and obviously you are unable to keep calm! From decorating your house to baking cakes for this special occasion, there are multiple tasks that you are having to do. And amidst these works, we are pretty sure you haven’t got much time to drop into a salon for pampering your skin. Isn’t it? Worry not because in this blog we are going to help you pamper your skin at home, and believe it or not, it is surely going to make your skin glow this Christmas!

You must be wondering that how can we suggest products that can instantly make your skin glow before Christmas right? Well, all thanks to Oshea Herbals. From organic facewashes to organic face masks, we have curated the best of skincare products that can do wonders to your skin, and make it look glowing naturally.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s directly get to points or rather the miraculous products under their banner. Don’t try to skip any of the steps given below, or else, your skin pamper session would get corrupted. So, let’s get started ladies!

Step 1: Use a Facewash Containing Whitening Ingredients

The first thing that you have to do is wash your face with a face wash that contains whitening ingredients, rather than a harsh soap. Whether you just woke up in the morning or have reached home from work, make sure you wash your face with a face wash.

There are numerous face washes in the markets that contain whitening ingredients in it, but most of them are chemical-based. If you want to opt for something organic go for our Glopure Fairness Face Wash. It has the goodness of berries and many other organic ingredients that can whiten your skin tone at least 2 to 3 shades.

Step 2: Scrub Away the Tan

There have been many instances where the reason for a dull and darker skin tone is nothing but the suntan that have been resting on your face for years. Thinking how could you get rid of them? It’s really simple; just use a scrubber. Oshea’s Glopure Anti Tan Scrub is formulated with natural ingredients to scrub away skin tanning within a couple of days.

Step 3: “Mask It Up” for the Next 3 Days

Along with using a face wash and a face scrub for the upcoming 3 days, you need to apply a mask as well that can cleanse your skin from deep within, and make it look brighter and glowing! one face mask that we can suggest you is the Glopure Fairness Face Pack from the house of Oshea Herbals.

Blended with the goodness of manjishtha, nagsekar, aloe vera, licorice, lemon juice, and cucumber juice, this face pack helps control the production of melanin, which in return makes your skin fairer and brighter.

Step 4: Serum Is A Must!

After you follow all the above steps, the last but the most crucial step that you need to follow is applying a serum, before you sleep. For best results, use the Oshea Herbal’s Glopure Fairness Serum that has got lemon peel, coconut, and licorice extract, which enhances the complexion and makes your skin spotless and glowing!

Aren’t these steps easy? So, what are you waiting for? Order all the four products that we have mentioned above, and get glowing this Christmas!

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