Fruit Extracts With Skin Benefits

Fruit Extracts With Skin Benefits

Today’s blog educates you about fruit extracts with skin benefits.

What Oshea Herbals suggest is that fruits are blessings in disguise for your skin. They contain Alpha Hydroxide Acids that are powerful antioxidants and rejuvenate the skin cells. The fruit extracts when consumed through your skincare products can remove imperfections and promote healthier, glowing skin.

But if you wonder that incorporating fruits in your daily diet can do the same wonders as the fruit extracts in your skincare products do, then you are mistaken. The process of digestion metabolizes the fruits for the body to absorb and in the process, we lose the nutrients. So, better apply the fruit extracts to your skin and ingest them for enhancing skin luminosity.

Fruit Extracts With Skin Benefits:

  • Watermelon extracts – The summer favorite for all – watermelon is a delicious fruit that saves you from the scorching summer heat. Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, watermelons contain photo-aging properties that usually occur due to UVA and UVB exposure. Watermelons are also packed with antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and compensate for the loss of collagen and elastin. Added to these, watermelons have lycopene content that suppresses inflammation like skin redness, eczema, acne, etc. So, to get the hype on the glow, include watermelons in your skincare regimen.

  • Apple extracts – Don’t you wish to get apple-red cheeks? Yes, of course, you would. But that is not an easy process. Apple is the most commonly consumed fruit on the diet list. But for its extracts, it has more to offer. Apple extracts are great for maintaining hydration levels. It also defends against water loss from your skin. It also tightens the skin and maintains skin elasticity. The appearance of pores can disappear with apple extracts.

  • Kiwi extracts – Kiwis are acidic in taste but the health benefits they offer are uncountable. Kiwi extracts contain vitamin C and vitamin E, great for removing dark spots and pigmentation. Even the signs of aging can be treated with kiwi extracts. It helps in skin cell regeneration, maintains collagen production, and also makes your skin soft and supple. For even tone skin, you can rely on kiwi extracts.

  • Mango extracts – How can we forget the king of fruits, the juicy, tasty mangoes? Mango extracts are enriched with beta carotene and vitamin A, which sheds off dull skin and removes dark circles and minor skin imperfections. Mango extracts can be a great exfoliator for eradicating fine lines and wrinkles. With magnesium, potassium, and copper in their content, mango extracts keep the skin cells hydrated and squeeze out excess oil.

  • Blackberry extracts – Blackberries are refreshing, soothing, and calm your skin. It boosts skin cell regeneration and decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Blackberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can fight the free radicals damaging your skin cells.

  • Pomegranate extracts – Pomegranate extracts maintain the hydration process and retain moisture in your skin. It promotes collagen production to a noteworthy level and consequently cuts down on your aging signs. It also helps to treat acne while destroying all the stress factors. You can beautify your skin texture with this special fruit extract and add radiance. Do not forget to include pomegranate in your skincare routine.

  • Raspberry extracts – Raspberries are usually found in essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, raspberries can be of great use. They shield your skin against UV rays and sun damage. It even boosts your skin complexion, reduces melanin production, and brightens your skin tone. Make your list today and mention raspberries without fail.

Your body needs nutrients as much as your skin. These fruit extracts are flawless and add to your skin benefits in bulk. So, either through face masks, face packs, or mild scrubs, utilize these fruit extracts to ensure skin health. You can also hook on to our products for the natural essence in your skin. We involve nature and make our products with love.

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