Erasing Blemishes Is Now A Cakewalk – Thanks To Our PapayaClean Range!

Prepare your skin with papaya clean range: Erasing Blemishes Is Now A Cakewalk – Thanks To Our PapayaClean Range!

Want to wake up with blemish free skin tomorrow? Here’s how to put together a pre-bed night time routine to fight dark spots, discoloration and other blemishes while you sleep and put your skin in top shape for the following morning. So try our PapayaClean Range and get rid of blemishes like a pro.

Remember that outcomes require some serious energy, so devise a daily practice and stick to it for 4 to 6 weeks and hang tight for the result and  assess effectiveness prior to adapting.

Oshea Herbals Payapa Skin Care Range

Step 1: Cleansing

  1. Wipe your face with PapayaClean Wipes by gently moping your skin to effectively remove dirt, excess oil and grime from the face & neck area. They are enriched with papaya extract which deeply cleanse & fight blemishes and also can be used as a makeup remover. Ensure resealing the pack properly to prevent wipes from drying out.
  2. Cleanse your face with PapayaClean anti blemishes foaming face wash by applying a small amount onto moisten skin and gently massage the lather using a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Its sulphate free, soap free formulation enriched with various herbal actives is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet super effective at maintaining a blemish-free complexion. Unlike soap, this ready to use foaming face wash does not leave your skin feeling dry and stretched.
  3. Apply a thick layer of PapayaClean anti blemishes face pack all over the face and neck. Leave it until it dries up and rinse off with fresh water. It contains natural extract of Licorice, Daisy Flower extract, Aloevera extract and other precious ingredients that lighten the skin and control production of melanin.

Regardless of your skin type, don’t over clean! Even the hardest or generally slick of skin types ought not be washed excessively or too cruelly. Your skin  naturally produces oils, and an absolute shortfall of all oil will leave your skin defenseless against harm and drying, or considerably more skin inflammation. Cleaning excessively hard or shedding too cruelly or frequently can likewise cause more irritation, redness and blemishes.


Step 2: Moisturising

  1. Apply PapayaClean anti blemishes cream on your face and gently massage to seal the moisture in. This cream is specially formulated to help you get rid of acne scars, dark spots and blemishes thereby enhancing complexion and imparting  a smooth and spotless glow to the face.
  2. Use PapayaClean anti blemishes gel by taking the desired quantity on the palm of your hands and apply evenly on the face. Gently massage your face in a clockwise and upward direction for 1 to 2 minutes and you are all set to sleep. This oil free gel is specially formulated to lighten pigmentation and prevent ageing of the skin while enhancing the complexion of the skin.


Erasing Blemishes Is Now A Cakewalk - Thanks To Our PapayaClean Range!


Step 3: Sleep on your back

Allow your skin to inhale – don’t undo all the effort of your night time skin care routine by covering your face in your pillow!

Wake up with healthier, clearer, blemish free skin!

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