Dashami – Special Makeup Cleansing Tips

Dashami - Special Makeup Cleansing Tips

Today’s blog talks about Dashami – Special Makeup Cleansing Tips.

After the hectic days of Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, and Nabami, you might feel that your skin is awfully exhausted. The intense fun, frolic, and enthusiasm that you indulge in on this auspicious festival of Durga Puja leave you with discomposure when Maa Durga is all set to embark on her journey towards Kailash. But what to do? That’s inevitable. 

So now it’s time to think about your skin health. All throughout the puja, you must have tried various dresses, makeup trends, hairstyles but now Dashami is the time to give some thoughts to remove all your skin makeup, eye makeup and ensure your skin is free from harmful chemicals present in the cosmetics. Your skin is precious. Better steal the ingredients from nature and glow with them.

Dashami – Special Makeup Cleansing Tips

Let’s begin with your eyes

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your skin. So, better be patient while you are removing your eye makeup. Apply the makeup remover and let it settle down for a couple of minutes. This helps in softening the mascara or the liner. Now, wipe off the makeup carefully and we can guarantee that there will be no smudges present under your eyes the next day. Do not use friction while makeup removing as it can cause damage to your skin.


Look how steam heat can help you

Steam usually helps in opening the skin pores. It also drives out the impurities and debris hidden in your skin. Warm up a bowl of water and keep your face over it for a couple of minutes. Allow your skin to absorb the steam perfectly. Although this process is pretty time-consuming, it can be tried sometimes if not always.


Remove your lipstick with an oil-based remover

These days, lipsticks are long-lasting. They are formulated with chemicals that are difficult to remove with plain water. So, we suggest you take up an oil-based, creamy remover that will certainly wash off the lipstick as well as keep your lips intact.


Soap and water or wipes

There have been innumerable controversies on determining which is better – soap water or wipes. Well, Oshea Herbals suggests that both are made for different purposes. If you are at home, removing your makeup, go for soap and water. It’s harmless and helps your skin get rid of toxic elements.

Wipes are suitable when you are traveling outside. Often your skin needs to refresh itself. Wipes ensure that your skin surface is clear. It does not certify that you will have a completely dirt-free face but surely, it does the job anyhow.


Use a cleanser for sure

Cleansers are much needed to remove makeup. If it is oil-based, then it will not leave your face dry and harsh. Needless to mention that often makeups are stubborn – foundation, lipsticks, eye-shadow, mascara – all add up to reducing your skin health to a noticeable extent. Better switch over to a cleanser and get all the problems sorted.

If you have washed off your last night’s makeup, then you are tension-free. You can start the day afresh with sunscreen. But what to do right after you remove your makeup? Switch to toner, moisturizer, or serum. All throughout the night, they will keep nourishing your skin and once you wake up, you will notice that all the pujo stress has disappeared. You are again back on track with your glowing, healthy, and happy skin. 

Visit our Oshea Herbals website to grab the latest deals and offers on your favorite product. Your skin is our treasure. We pledge to make it perfect. This puja, glow and shine, and do not forget to remove your makeup no matter how tired you are.

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