D-Tan Range – Ideal for Tan removal

D-Tan Range - Ideal for Tan removal

D-Tan Range – Ideal for Tan removal:

Don’t you wish you could just remove your tan lines on a single wipe? Well, tanning is normal during summer. Then why not peep into some natural tan removal secrets and get a uniform glowing skin in a wink?

Dear ladies, the summer sun can be pretty stubborn. While you are exposed to UV radiation, your skin releases more melanin, the chemical component responsible for skin darkening. So, it’s recommended that you carry an umbrella or wear a hat whenever you are walking down the street with sunshine on your shoulders.

D-tan Range – Ideal for tan Removal And Sun Protection:

Removing sun tan is not easy. If you switch to the D-Tan range by Oshea Herbals, you get the products ideal for tan removal. But if you still haven’t known the tricks, then here we can enlighten you with some remedies that are useful and quick to implement.



The mixture of lemon juice and honey proves to be one of the most effective natural remedies to fade out your skin tan. Squeeze the lemon juice with two tablespoons of honey, mix them well and apply to your skin for 30 minutes. Wash off your face with cold water using a mild cleanser.

The bleaching effect of lemon juice lightens the tan. Its vitamin C and citric acid contents help in removing acne, lightening the scars. Honey which is a rich source of antioxidants protects your skin from cell damage.



Exfoliation is another way to shield your skin from tanning. Oatmeal contains exfoliating and cleansing properties while buttermilk has lactic acid content which is used to improve your skin texture. It also helps in smoothening and softening your skin.

Drench 2 teaspoons of oatmeal in half a cup of water. Mix 2 tablespoons of buttermilk with it. Add some honey if needed. Apply the pack on the affected areas of tanning and keep it for half an hour. You’ll notice not only the removal of your tan but also the brightening skin tone.



Turmeric is a well-known spice that has been used traditionally for centuries to lighten skin tone. Study reveals that turmeric mixed with other facial ingredients can protect your skin from vital damage. Moreover, turmeric is known to be a rich source of antioxidants that protects natural skin oils and keeps your skin hydrated.

Till now, you have been well aware of the key ingredients to keep a stock of at your home. But to be honest, if this summer exhausts you to a limit where you can no longer think about improving your skincare routine, then you better opt-out for Oshea Herbals’ De-Tan range products, ideal for tan removal and treating sun damage. They give you the ultimate protection from sun damage and results in optimum nourishment of your skin.


  1. Radiance D-Tan Face PackAn amalgam of mulberry, aloe vera, licorice, arbutin extracts, this face pack makes your skin soft and smooth along with reduction and removal of skin tan. When you prepare for your skincare shopping list, do not forget to include Radiance D-Tan face pack by Oshea Herbals.
  2. Radiance D-Tan Face Wash – If you are still obsessed with your skin problems, then now it’s high time to troubleshoot all of them with Oshea Herbals Radiance D-Tan Face Wash. To obtain an oil-free, uniform skin tone, use this face wash twice a day. It works effectively on removing your skin tan and impurities and replenishes your skin with vitality.

Skin darkening, dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles – these are age-old problems troubling us. But now that we have some genuine solutions discovered, no need to feel disoriented. Switch to some natural remedies as well as D-Tan range products that are ideal for tan removal and get showered with compliments. Don’t let the sun tan you anymore. Stay beautiful inside and out!!


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