Cocoa Butter & Honey – The Ideal Combination for Keeping Your Skin Moist

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We have already stepped into the freezing winter season and with every passing day, the weather is getting colder. As a result, your skin is losing out all its moisture. If you are thinking that your skin would do just fine without its natural moisture, then you are mistaken. Without the right amount of moisture, your skin would become dry, itchy and sometimes, it even peels. Another major reason why your skin requires moisture is so that wrinkles don’t appear at an early age. So now, what’s the solution? There’s just one solution to this and that is, apply a moisturizer that suits your skin, on a daily basis.

Whether you visit a beauty store or an e-commerce site that sells skincare products, you’ll come across a wide variety of moisturizers, each containing different ingredients in it. But, since the dryness during winter is overpowering and requires extra care, try and pick a product that contains a combination of cocoa butter and honey. Both these ingredients are apt for people who have extremely dry skin!

To know more about these ingredients, individually, please keep reading.

  • Cocoa butter: with an immense amount of fatty acids in it, cocoa butter is one of those very few natural ingredients that can cure skin dryness in just a couple of weeks. In fact, once you apply it to your skin, you will realize that your skin is moist for more than 15 hours straight! Yes, you read that right! The fats that this particular ingredient consists of will not only cure dry skin but also, create a protective layer that prevents the natural moisture from escaping; therefore, stopping the skin from drying out. Also, just to give all the vegans out there is li’l bit of assurance, let us tell you that the fatty acids that cocoa butter contains are not at all animal-based fats. It is completely plant-based.
  • Honey: From firming skin to enhancing glow, honey is one of those few natural ingredients that has got multiple benefits. Another vital benefit that can be added under its “list of benefits” is the ability to lock the moisture from the skin. That’s right! Honey Is an Excellent Humectant help in preserving the natural moisture levels of the skin.

Both these products can be used individually to restore your skin’s moisture during winter. But, when combined together, they work even better. They create a double-lock shield on your skin so that no matter how freezing the weather is, your skin will remain moist, soft, and supple.

Finding a product that contains both these wonderful natural ingredients can be challenging. However, if you visit our website, your search would end instantly as we already have a moisturizer that is blended with the goodness of cocoa butter and honey! And this cocoa butter and honey moisturizer curated by Oshea herbal’s will look your skin’s natural moisture for around 24 hours straight! Cannot believe us? Then order it today!

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