Body Wash Or Shower Gel – Which One Is Better For you?

Body Wash Or Shower Gel - Which One Is Better For you?

Body Wash Or Shower Gel – Which One Is Better For you?

Here we are discussing “Body wash or Shower gel – which one is better for you?”  Your body care regimen should never go unnoticed, especially when multiple products in the market take charge of you. While you shower every day, you should know the right cleanser to pick up for your body’s skin. There are drastic differences between body wash and body shower gel. Consequently, the benefits that you can derive from these products are also different. So, let’s distinguish them and figure out which one is suitable for you.

Body Wash Or Shower Gel – Which One Is Better For you?

What is a shower gel?

Shower gels are liquid cleansers formulated with a synthetic detergent tracing their origin either from petroleum or plant sources. Shower gels can feel harsh and severe on dry skin. If using shower gel results in extreme skin tightening, go for body lotions that can help in retaining moisture to your skin.


What is a body wash?

Body washes are liquid cleansers that wash off excess oil, sweat, and dirt particles. Body washes have a gentle effect on your body’s skin and result in optimum hydration. Body washes work magically on dry and sensitive skin and can be a great time saver if you have less to invest in a body care routine.


Ingredients in shower gel & body wash

While you buy shower gels for yourself, it’s expected that you don’t put in much effort to read out the ingredients of the product or instructions to use. In today’s world, shower gels have become an inseparable part of our unadulterated showers. Then why not scrutinize a little more and bag the details.


  • WATER – Shower gels contain water that helps in maintaining consistency. It also contributes to dissolving other ingredients.
  • DETERGENTS – Detergent content helps to remove impurities from the skin and ensure deep cleansing inside out.
  • SURFACTANTS – Surfactants help to create lather or foam in the skin.
  • EMULSIFIERS – Emulsifiers help in formulating the gel content, foam and thicken the bath gel.
  • PRESERVATIVES – Shower gels are constituted with preservatives that prevent microbial contamination. Generally, shower gels have a long life on the bathroom shelves. Thus, the ingredients should be well-preserved.
  • FRAGRANCE – Apart from looking good, we all want to smell pleasant as well. Essential oils or plant extracts add a beautiful fragrance to the shower gels that will linger after use.

 For body washes, along with these ingredients, humectants and vitamin E are added.

Shower gel VS Body wash – similarity & difference

Body washes and shower gels, both are used for deep cleansing. They remove dirt particles, unclog pores, and remove impurities from the body. They are used with a sponge or and are formulated with natural plant extracts or essential oils to impart beautiful fragrance.

What makes body washes different from shower gels is their unique texture. The shower gel has a thicker gel content while body washes are a more liquid type and hydrate our skin to make it softer and smoother. Body shower gels can be harsh at times. So, you might need a moisturizer to maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Body washes can be used regularly, but shower gels are luxurious and can be a great choice to bathe with on special occasions.


Hence, we conclude with…

Your body care routine involves the steps you pursue while taking showers. If you have oily skin, shower gel can rob you of the extra oil while body washes impart health to dry and sensitive skin. You must determine your skin type first and choose products accordingly. 

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