Meaning Of SPF

Meaning Of SPF

Meaning Of SPF:

In this blog, we will discuss with you the “Meaning Of SPF”. It crumples our soul when we notice premature aging, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles affecting us untimely. In this world full of stress and rush, we never indulge in a prolonged skin care regimen. Exposure to the sun, dirt particles, and pollution makes your skin look dull and tanned. So, what’s the solution? Consult a dermatologist or pick up a random sunscreen lotion? No need for that. Switch over to the right SPF and prevent skin damage.

Meaning Of SPF:

What is SPF?

Wearing sunscreen is a must whenever you plan to stay step out of your house. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The harmful UV rays of the Sun can penetrate through your skin and therefore cause skin cancer. The SPF number displays the amount of protection it can offer against the sun and for how long.

Suppose if you choose SPF 30, it allows 30 percent UVB rays to go through your skin. But it is a false hope that applying sunscreen with more SPF will ensure greater safety to your skin or allow you to stay under the sun for a long time. Remember, it is important to apply and reapply sunscreen until you are home. Sunscreens with impactful SPFs not only protect your screen but ensure skin nourishment at the same time.



While choosing the right SPF make sure you have access to the best possible ingredients useful for your skin. Oshea HerbalsUVShield SPF 50 sunblock cream is broad sun protection for all skin types. Moreover, the green tea and papaya extracts defend the skin from radical damage and result in absolute skin whitening.

If you go out in the sun, only protecting your face is futile. Look after the entire exposed body parts that have the risk of skin damage. Use UVShield Sun Block SPF 30 that does not exclusively protect you from UV rays but restores youthfulness and vibrance to your skin. Apply it both on your face and your body. It helps you retain glow and moisture.

UVShield Mattifying Sun Block Cream SPF 40 is a 5-in-1 daily cream providing long-lasting protection from sun damage and UVA & UVB  rays. The unique blend of aloe vera, cucumber, and licorice extracts retains moisture balance and helps in skin lightening. The formulation of licorice and other ingredients shields your skin with a unique matte finish look.

Only protecting your skin from the sun is not sufficient. You need to put in some more effort to make your skin look at its age. UVshield Mattifying Gel Cream SPF 45 PA +++ is a lightweight, non-greasy, water-resistant sunscreen lotion that has gel-cream formulation. It makes your skin softer and smoother and maintains elasticity. It also protects the skin from Uv radiation and blue light. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties heal the skin damage with a fast pace.

These days, the advanced studies in dermatology have resulted in the production of products which are cruelty-free and applicable on all skin types. If you feel that your skin is getting dull and full of debris, do not fret. You have a solution for each. Log on to our website and purchase any of the products that go hand in hand with your skin. We promise to make your skin feel blessed. Determine your skin type, choose the right product and apply it on time – your flawless, beautiful skin is ready. Now shine out in the sun.


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