7 Winter Special Foot Care Tips

7 Winter Special Foot Care Tips

Today’s blog educates you about the 7 winter special foot care tips.

Hello folks!! Keeping all well in winter? Well, we all know that winter is that time of the year when your room feels messed up with jackets, pullovers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and whatnot? But when it comes to your feet, do you think just a mere pair of socks can do all the magic? Ummmmm, no way. Get some tips from Oshea Herbals and may your beautiful feet leave their imprints with every step you forward.

Accept it or not, but our feet remain awfully neglected all year round. Hardly we devote any time to maintaining a proper feet care regimen. Consequently, our feet develop cracked heels, blisters, athlete’s feet, chilblains, and maybe even more during winter. So, let’s take a beautiful ride and explore the easiest methods to keep your feet healthy and well-nourished.

7 winter special foot care tips are below:

Don’t neglect what we suggest

    • Cleansing your feet is your first priority – To keep fungal infections away, cleanse your feet well while bathing or taking showers. Toenail fungus, ingrown nails, athlete’s foot usually occur in damp, moist temperatures. It is not necessary that fungal infections accompany you in pools or public toilets but they can be found anywhere. Be careful to wash your feet frequently with care.
  • Moisturize as much as possible – Winter primarily demands moisturization. The dry winter winds and indoor warmth compel your heels to crack. Often these cracks cause fissures and bleeding. Deep fissures also permit bacterial and fungal infections to creep in. As soon as you wash your feet, moisturize amply. Moisturization can keep your feet hydrated and soft.
    • Use socks and proper footwear – Socks are indispensable in winter. To keep your feet warm, aloof from dirt and infections, you must wear socks. But remember, wet socks can catch your fever as well as allow fungi to settle in. Wear boots and covered shoes to keep your feet happy and healthy.
  • Nail trims – For winter care, do not forget to trim your nails at frequent intervals. Often microscopic dirt, fungi, and bacteria tend to settle in the corners of your nails and make them look dirty. Wash your nails in lukewarm water, use nail filings if needed. For beautiful feet, you need beautiful nails too.
  • Scrub twice a week – It’s a misconception that all scrubbing goes for your face. While winter is here, scrub your feet twice a week. Without your knowledge, dead skin cells settle on your foot surface. Exfoliation is important as it sheds off the dull layer of skin and rejuvenates shortly.
  • Use a pumice stone Pumice stone is an essential foot care item that helps in peeling off the hard skin in your heels. For keeping your heels soft and supple, try using pumice stone twice a week.

Homemade Foot Mask 

When everything goes left, go for the right foot mask. We are here to enlighten you with some tips and tricks that are easy to use and affordable.

  • Multani mitti pack – Take 2 tablespoons of Multani mitti with one tablespoon of honey and a spoon of lemon juice. You can mix a few drops of rose water and stir the paste well. Then apply it well on your feet and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Gradually wash off with warm water. Multani mitti and honey are superb moisturizers and rose water adds up to the fragrance.
  • Cucumber foot pack – Blend two small cucumbers with lemon juice and olive oil. Then pour the mixture into two large plastic freezer bags and place your feet inside. We are sure you would save the pennies meant for a pedicure.

Oshea Herbals recommends you love your feet this winter. The homemade remedies can be of great use once you apply each. But yes, if you are keen on taking caressing from experts, visit your nearest parlor. Enjoy the winter and let your skin enjoy it too.

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