4 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp

This blog educates you on 4 ways to get rid of dry scalp.

How would you figure out that you have a dry scalp? Does your scalp itch? Appear flaky? Causes irritation? If all the answers are positive, then you are a victim of dry scalp. The little moisture that you need to replenish the scarcity of oil compels your scalp to cause dandruff and other scalp issues. Let’s explore the basic causes for dry scalp and their possible remedies.

Why does dry scalp occur?

  • Excess of washing your hair – It’s a normal question that often haunts us. How many times would we wash our hair in a week? Well, we suggest you consult a dermatologist who will determine your hair type first and recommend accordingly. But excess washing of hair can steal away the natural oils and leave your scalp dehydrated. Dryness is so pathetic that it often makes your hair brittle.
  • Dandruff – Dry scalp can give rise to dandruff but there are many other reasons for it. Dandruff also brings redness, itches, flakes especially in the areas around oil-productive glands. Dry scalp in itself is a problem and roots other hair-related issues as well.
  • Hair products – Be choosy about your hair care products. The harsh chemical preservatives in your hair products can be another reason to cause dry and itchy scalp. Look through the composition, ingredients, and benefits before using those products. You might not know how your hair would react to chemicals. So, please be careful.
  • Scalp psoriasis – Psoriasis is an emergency medical condition where your skin cells multiply faster than normal. For mild scalp psoriasis, try medicated shampoos. They can calm down the itches in your scalp.

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp:

Home Remedies

It’s pretty natural for you not to visit parlors in frequent intervals. So, we are here with some home remedies that can take care of your hair and scalp issues.

  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil can do wonders for your dry scalp. It moisturies the scalp and possesses anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil can combat bacteria and prevent scalp infections as well. Massage your scalp with coconut oil right at the roots and leave it to settle for 10 to 15 minutes. This will add nutrition to your scalp as well as soften your hair strands.
  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can cut down skin irritation. It is also known as a moisturizing agent. Apply aloe vera on top of your scalp and le it get absorbed for 10 minutes. Rinse off clearly and enjoy the benefits of this wondrous ingredient.
  • Witch hazel – To put an end to all your dryness and itchiness, witch hazel is the best remedy. It is a herbal medicine to reduce inflammation in your dry scalp. It contains astringent qualities to impart a refreshing aura. Take a part of witch hazel and mix it with water or carrier oil. Apply on your scalp uniformly and then wash off.
  • Mashed bananas – Do you have bananas for breakfast? Start having them for our hair and scalp too. Bananas are stuffed with antimicrobial properties and are great moisturizing agents. Smash a banana and mix it with a spoon of coconut oil. Massage your scalp with this mixture and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Dry scalp is a big reason to worry as you might have to face consequences like dandruff, itching, irritation and other scalp imperfections. Oshea Herbals suggests you Phytogain hair oil, Neemclean Antidandruff Shampoo, Heenashine Conditioning Shampoo, Amlacare Hairfall Control Shampoo. Explore these natural products and get rid of dry scalp. A Healthy scalp means beautiful hair.

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