Be Wise & Choose the Right Winter Body Care Combo for Your Skin

This year, winter has been super crazy! One day, we are waking up with the blankets thrown miles apart from us, because it doesn’t feel cool anymore; whereas on the other days, we cannot even step out of the warm blankets. And this is not even funny because, these turbulences in the weather is the major reason why our skin becomes dry, flaky, and itchy. So yes, to keep your skin protected from such an unpredictable weather, all you have to do is invest in a couple of skincare products that’ll lock your skin’s moisture in the best way possible.

If you are a television buff, you’ll come across numerous, winter skincare products that claim to make your skin “as soft as a feather” during winter. But in reality, they don’t fulfill any of the claims. Hence, never trust any skincare brand based on how attractively they are advertising their products. Instead, always go for products that have a huge fan-base; a fan-base that EXISTS! One such brand is our company, Oshea herbals. Wait! Do you think we are being boasty? Check out our social media handles, go through the reviews and the ratings, and then only judge. No hurry!

Oshea herbals have got a wide variety of beauty products among which, our winter body care range consisting of creams, lotions, body butter, serums, etc, have received immense love and praises from millions of beautiful ladies. To name a few, here are our best of ‘winter body care’ products:

Cocoa Butter Body Butter

One of the best body care products that we have curated so far is cocoa butter, deeply nourishing body butter. This body butter is rich in three key ingredients – Cocoa Butter, Sheabutter, and Vitamin E. All these three ingredients work wonders on your skin, especially during winter. It instantly nourishes, hydrates, and protects the skin from the dry and harsh weather.

So, if you want to take up ‘body care’ as a crucial routine this winter, do pick this product up from our website.

Sheasoft Intensive Body Lotion

Keeping your skin moist during winter is a big-time challenge. One layer of moisturizer or body lotion doesn’t suffice. That is why our team has carefully curated the ‘Sheasoft Intensive Body Lotion’ that keeps your skin’s moisture located, for more than 24 hours.

It has got a powerful combination of various skin-nourishing, rich hydrating oils, which moistens your skin deeply without making it too greasy.

Rose Moist Winter Care Cream

Don’t you feel that roses and winter have a special bond between them? This is precisely why we have come up with winter skincare that is made with the goodness of roses. One of our favorite products from this rose range is the ‘Rose Moist Winter Care Cream’ that is enriched with rose, natural moisturizing agents, Aloe vera, neem, tulsi, and vitamin-E.

This cream doesn’t just moisten your facial skin and body but also, fosters the renewal process of cells, to improve the skin’s firmness and also to make it more radiant and glowing!

Another wondrous product that belongs to this rose skincare range is the ‘RoseFresh Facial Skin Toner’, which has a unique blend of Rose petals and other plant extracts. This face toner hydrates & maintains the natural pH balance of the skin, leaving it fresh & clean.

These were some of our products that’ll be more than enough for you to safeguard your skin from the harsh wintery weather. And, if you want to purchase something out of this range, you may consider scrolling through our website. From hair care to body care range and even colored cosmetics, we have it all!

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