BB Cream OR CC Cream? What’s your pick?

BB Cream OR CC Cream

BB Cream OR CC Cream

Today’s blog will introduce you to the BB Cream OR CC Cream.

Every woman deserves to flaunt their beautiful skin tone. But beguiled by innumerable complexion products and their promises, it becomes easy to lose track and wind up choosing something inappropriate for your skin shade. Better not get caught in this maze. Look through these illuminating tips to ensure a complete grip over your skin and its complexion whatever it may be. Let’s figure out together whether to choose BB cream over CC cream or vice-versa?


What’s there in a name – BB Cream OR CC Cream

Dear ladies, to quote unlike Shakespeare, there is a lot in the name. Even though the extreme exposure to beauty product advertisements, podcasts these days have enlightened women about BB or CC creams, I can put my shirt on to articulate that BB or CC creams, their benefits, and usages are still half-known among many.

Beauty balm / Blemish balm, popularly known as BB cream traces its origin back to Korea. It is a beauty cream with multiple benefits. BB creams are incorporated with makeup elements and add protection and radiance to your skin simultaneously. It hydrates your skin and offers a shield against UV rays.

Color correcting / Complexion correcting is the extended version of CC creams. CC creams are ideal for infusing a no make-up look. It uniforms your skin tone along with concealing hyperpigmentation, and blemishes. CC creams can be a perfect substitution for heavy-weighted foundations.


BB Cream OR CC Cream- Which is my pick?

Before jumping to any conclusion, why not research a little? Let’s check out more on BB & CC creams and decide which stands out to be more beneficial for you.


Sweating out in summer is natural. So it’s important to choose light-weight make-up that allows your skin to breathe. BB cream can be a perfect choice because of its unique formulation which includes anti-oxidants, brightening agents, acids, and broad-spectrum SPF. Moreover, it acts like skincare as well as make-up. If you are in a mood to look radiant yet keep it original with your skin, BB cream is the one to pick up. It does the job of a foundation along with obscuring the pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections you opt to conceal.

In addition to this, your skin is closely moisturized. It applies to every skin type irrespective of dry, oily, or acne-prone skin. If you wish to streamline your technique of beauty regimen, without BB creams, your list goes incomplete.



Looking like a teenage girl, when you already have a score added to it, is nothing less than an achievement. Leave people guessing your biological age when you can hide it. CC creams contain vitamin c, peptides, anti-oxidants, and necessarily anti-aging properties. As CC creams primarily work on color correction, they target to even out the discolored areas of your skin including dark spots, patches, and redness. These creams are also incorporated with sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation.

If you are not up for full coverage make-up, resort to CC creams. Its light ingredients can glow you up as well as result in skin nourishment. It can also be used as a primer to build a thin layer under your heavy make-up foundation look.


Now, getting back to the question again – what’s your pick? Well, it is an answer which counts wholly on your preference and skin type. Both BB and CC creams are constructed with multiple skin benefits. You can choose any one of these to ensure glowing, flawless skin. All we can suggest to you is that your preferences can change with the situations and priorities. But both BB & CC creams lie indispensable for your make-up kit!! Watch out for the list of creams on Oshea Herbals and grab it now!!

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