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Ashtami-Special Handbag Essentials

Ashtami-Special Handbag Essentials

This blog will give a clear manifestation of the Ashtami-Special Handbag Essentials one should always have in store.

Those who have not witnessed the grandeur of Durga Puja have not yet tasted the essence of celebration. Durga puja is an emotion not only for the Bengalis but all the people residing in Bengal and outside. Among the four days, Ashtami stands out to be prominent when the young girls and boys deck up and hang out with each other. So, today we shall take a sneak peek into the handbag essentials you should carry on the evening of Ashtami if you are out on a date with someone special.

Before we proceed, let us remind you that your handbag should be organized and resourceful. Make sure your handbag does not have unnecessary products. It will be an embarrassment if you are intending to take out a compact powder but end up with a lip balm. So, let’s learn together what to include for this year’s Ashtami-special handbag essentials.

Ashtami-Special Handbag Essentials

Essential #1

Perfume – Having perfume in your bag is a must. It is much needed to smell good before you look good. A fragrance that keeps lingering is sure to impress people around you, including your special friend. If you are also enthusiastic about exploring new fragrances, then perfumes fall under the list of essentials in your handbag. Even spraying a little perfume on your wrist and rubbing it against the other creates a special aura.


Essential #2

Compact powder – A dab of powder occasionally will help to keep your makeup intact. Compact powders are super necessary for handbags not only for the purpose of puja but always. Compact powders impart freshness and persistence to your facial skin texture. So, without any fail, drop a compact in your bag and dab it when necessary. Try Oshea Herbals compact powders that get well with your skin.


Essential #3

Lip balm – You might think that lip balms are unnecessary items for your handbags when you can use lipstick. But to enlighten you more on this, lip balms can be used all year round. Suppose a sudden official meeting pops up and you do not have a suitable lipstick shade in your bag, lip balms can save you from the horrors in these times. They nourish your lips, make them look appealing, and can be a wonderful handbag essential.


Essential #4

Lipstick – The lipstick that you choose for your handbag must have a decent shade so that it makes you ready for any occasion. Usually, light red, brownish, or nude shade can be really helpful in times of need. In these recent times, matte finish lipsticks are running high in demand. You can also keep one of the matte shades to ensure the longevity of your lip color.


Essential #5

Moisturizer – Moisturizer is much needed for your skin and nourishment. Try keeping a moisturizer in your handbag all throughout the year. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and enriched with several active ingredients along with maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Oshea Herbals moisturizers are always beneficial.


Essential #6

Face wash – Facewash is important for the deep cleansing of your skin. If you have put on too much makeup or your face looks weary and tired, one deep cleansing is required. So wherever you go, whatever you do, carry a facewash for yourself. Naturally, Ashtami-special handbag essentials include face wash too. Explore the range of facewashes by Oshea Herbals.


Essential #7

Kajal – How can we forget about our eye makeup? Black kohl or kajal makes your eyes look bold and beautiful. Without kajal, your handbag essential list goes incomplete. Kajal is like an extra cherry on the top. It complements your eyes greatly and can be a great savior when you want to avoid an awkward, unprepared look. Try and flaunt in the new Oshea Herbals kajal.

Visit the Oshea Herbals website for more interesting tips on puja. We are sure to make this puja utterly special for you. Stay tuned for more.

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