Amazing tips for monsoon skincare routine

Amazing tips for monsoon skincare routine

Amazing tips for monsoon skincare routine:

Every season comes with its perks and benefits, so does monsoon. The dripping droplets from the trees and the wet fragrance of the soil have been a muse to many poets’ unbridled imagination. After the sweltering days of summer, the monsoon comes as a rescuer to the sunburns, tanning, sweating, and several other skin issues.

Friends and folks, here we are with some engaging tips to include in your monsoon skin care regimen. If the constant showers shackle you from stepping out, resort to some fun and nifty beauty tricks. I bet loving yourself more and more can be the best way to kill your time ever!!

Amazing tips for monsoon skincare routine:

  • Facewash – a must-use!

During monsoon, it’s obvious that there is an uncontrolled rise in moisture. Wash your face at least thrice a day to cut down on extra moisture and clogged pores. Moreover, your skin might be prone to fungal infections. To avoid all these problems, try using Oshea Herbals Glopure Fairness Facewash that has been uniquely formulated to remove oil, dirt, and pollutants from your skin. It retains the necessary moisture along with making your skin soft and smooth.

  • Sunscreens

Monsoon showers do not defend you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Putting on sunscreen is a must wherever you go. Even carry your umbrella, hat, or shades for further protection. A high SPF  sunscreen denotes the percentage of ultraviolet rays it can block. It does not guarantee you a longer span of protection. So, apply and reapply sunscreens even when it’s cloudy or pouring down the earth. Explore the wide range of sun protection on the Oshea Herbals website.

  • Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation helps you remove the dead skin cells from your skin. You can choose some natural exfoliants like coffee, tea bags, sugar, oatmeal, and papaya over commercial products. You can also place an order for Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub, which ensures an amalgam of tan protection and scrubbing. It is suitable for all types of skin.

  • Toning and moisturizing benefits

For those who have oily skin, toning, and moisturizing go hand in hand with them. Removal of excess oil from the skin is necessary. Natural ingredients like lemon juice, chamomile tea, green tea, or rose water can be used to eradicate the remaining dirt particles.


Moisturizing keeps the skin soft and smooth. It restores pH balance to the skin and maintains hydration. Some natural moisturizers like organic cucumber oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil are beneficial. Explore Rose Fresh Skin Toner, and 

Cocoahoney moisturizing lotion for glowing, beautiful skin.

  • Drink ample water

There is no substitute for water. With the monsoon arriving at the door, start drinking sufficient water. It can keep away acne, pimples and can also help in rejuvenating your skin. Drinking water not only helps to restore beauty to your skin but can also treat hair fall issues to a considerable extent.


If you are fond of herbal remedies, Oshea Herbals can be your friend, philosopher, and guide in this. Try to determine your skin type and seek solutions accordingly. To remind you, your skincare routine should change with changing seasons. Indulge in monsoon care with a wide range of hair care and skincare combo offers. Get a variety of products in a single deal tied up together.


If monsoon is your favorite, you must be in love with its refreshing aura. Make sure you revitalize your skin too. Embrace the changing seasons and get drenched in the rain. Your skincare regimen awaits the inclusion of the latest products from Oshea Herbals. Explore more and enjoy the benefits. Sparkle with beautiful skin this monsoon when the sun is behind the clouds.

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