Absurd Myths Related To Activated Charcoal That Needs To Be Busted

From toothpastes to face masks, from face peel offs to face washes, activated charcoal is being used in a wide variety of beauty products. But, is activated charcoal beneficial for your skin? Well, some say yes, it is beneficial for the skin, and some say no. But, according to recent research, activated charcoal has been proven to be one of the best components that can help people get rid of oily skin, acne, acne marks, black and whiteheads, and many other skin issues that can hamper your skin’s texture.

When you cleanse your face with activated charcoal products, be it a face mask or face wash, it binds to the dirt on your face, and pulls it out from the depth of the pores, making the skin look clean, clear, and fresh. However, there has been a tug-of-war between researchers who believe that activated charcoal is a boon for the skin, and the ones who believe it’s only good for our digestive system.

The researchers who do not accept the fact that activated charcoal is miraculous have spread a few myths regarding this component, which has affected the public largely. Hence, through this blog, we are about to bust all the irrelevant myths that have impacted many people who are conscious about their skin or are willing to makes their skin flawless. So, let’s get started!

Say Goodbye to the myths of Activated Charcoal

Myth 1 – “Active Charcoal Only Helps in Digestion, Not Skincare”

Let us ask you a question? When do we suffer from indigestion? Only when we hog onto loads of oily food, isn’t it? So, if charcoal can cleanse your digestive system and extract all the oil out, why can’t it purify the oil from our skin?

Activated charcoal is supercharged at 1000°C and combined with gases to create a powder, which can trap toxins and bacteria stuck to your oily skin, just like a magnet! Therefore, next time if someone comes to you and says “activated charcoal isn’t helpful for the skin”, make sure you impart some knowledge in them.

Myth 2 – “Activated Charcoal Is Best Suited for Summers”

Yes, this is true that our skin turns oilier during summer. But, what about those who have chronic oily skin that leads to acne/pimple, black/whiteheads, all year long?

So, the basic thing one can do is choose their skincare products wisely. For instance, someone whose skin is 365-days oily can opt for a charcoal face wash such as – Oshea Activated Charcoal Face Wash, even during winter. Whereas, someone with dry or combination skin can avoid it or use it wisely.

Additional tip: During winter, avoid using too many products that contain activated charcoal as its main element. Also, do not overuse it, as it might make your skin feel parched.

Myth 3 – “It Makes the Skin Super Dry and Hence, Itchy”

This is probably the last thing that could happen to anyone using an activated charcoal mask. Activated charcoal is inert in nature, which means, it doesn’t cause any sort of allergic reactions. In fact, there have been many instances in which, an activated charcoal product has been beneficial in curing allergic skin reactions.

These were some of the myths that were needed to be busted so that more people can use activated charcoal products without much hesitation. However, when it comes to buying activated charcoal products make sure you opt for the authentic ones, dermatologically tested, and completely cruelty-free just like Oshea Herbal’s Activated Charcoal Range that consists of charcoal cleansing bars, face washes, face scrubbers, and face peel-off masks.

Oshea has got a wide variety of other organic product ranges too. To know about them and their benefits, keep checking out our blog section.





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