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9 Ways To Do Manicure At Home

9 Ways To Do Manicure At Home

Today’s blog educates you on 9 Ways To Do Manicure At Home.

Dear ladies, let’s break this age-old myth that manicures can only be done at salons. It’s true that manicures are expensive and if you are running out of time in hand, salons can be at your rescue. But, today Oshea Herbals turns up with this blog to enlighten you on some easiest tricks to shape your nails using resources at your home.

Master the art of manicuring and we guarantee that the satisfaction you relish after it will be unparalleled. So, the more you be a careful reader, the more your implementation goes perfectly. No more waiting, let’s raise the curtain now.

9 Ways To Do Manicure At Home are below:

Clean your nails at the outset

The very first step to start with a manicure at home is to clean your nails with a nail polish remover. Whether you have nails painted or clean, it’s better to use a remover to clean your nails along with moisturizing the cuticles. Excess oil and dirt are eradicated and essential nutrients are restored with the remover.

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Clipping, filing, and buffing

Clipping your nails is necessary not just for the show but also for hygienic purposes. It literally prevents hangnails and ingrown toenails. Right after that, switch over to the filing. Filing protects your nails from breaking and impart a uniform length and shape. You can also save your nails from cuticle damage with filing. Next comes nail buffing. Nail buffing is significant because all you need is active blood circulation to the nail beds and buffing does that for you. Moreover, if you want a smooth polish to rest on your nails, buffing will assist you in maintaining the ridges.


Be it your skin or body, exfoliation is a must. Scrub off the dead skin cells in your arms, wrist and wash them off clearly. Clean if there is any dirt under your cuticle. Try to clear out if impurities are there under your nails.

Moisturize your cuticles well

Before trying the base coat, moisturize your hands and cuticles well. Beforehand moisturizing is beneficial because it avoids smudging of almost-dry nail paint. Your cuticles should not be dry but well-nourished. Massage your hands by yourself. This will be relaxing and rejuvenating as well.

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Apply the base coat

Once you are done with moisturization, wait for a minimum of 2 minutes before you start off with the base coating. Be careful of smudging when you are applying your nail paint. If it goes a little out of the line, it can ruin the entire look of your hands. Once the coating is done, spare another 2 minutes to dry it up completely.

Apply the first color coat

Be cautious while you are using the second coat. There are many chances that after the first coat, your nails look breezy with the second coat. Take as much polish as your nail brush can hold. Too many strokes and polishes can litter your nails. Keep your hands steady and static. Take three strokes – in the middle and the two corners.

Apply the second coat

Do not rush to thrust the layers one after the other. Be sophisticated and apply the second coating keeping a thin layer. Wait for a couple of minutes after the first coat and then start applying the second. Be aware there should not be any smudging and never overload the brush with excess paint. It takes away the shine.

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Try the final coat

The final coat is utterly important as it adds shine to your nails. But be careful with this as a little bit of smudging can destroy your entire hard work on this manicure. Apply the topcoat surely because this will ensure the longevity of the paint.

Clean and dry

Cotton balls should be there while you are drying the final coat. Clear out the shaky edges and make it perfect. Leave your nails to dry for another 5 minutes. Once you are ready, your home-based manicure is sure to enthrall all your admirers.

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