7 Benefits of Charcoal for Your Skin

Having a never-ending strive to look prettier and younger, charcoal skincare products have become a new hype in the market. Today, we will discuss the benefits of charcoal for the skin. Charcoal face wash is the product you probably know the most about. What do you think made this ingredient so popular for skincare? Let’s take a look. Take a look at your childhood pictures for once. You’ll observe that not only was your skin softer, you were probably a bit fairer too. Why does this happen?  Age is not the only reason why your looks change. When you are a baby, your skin is pure and delicate. It is the reason why you are kept indoors mostly, in a protected environment. Now the moment you step outdoors, your skin is exposed to the sun as well as the polluted atmosphere. Dust, chemicals, germs, and UV rays penetrate into the skin when we are out. If all you do for skincare is having a bath once and washing your face in the evening only if you go out, you are bound to lose your natural beauty with time.

Types of Charcoal Skin Care Products We’ll Discuss

There are 4 kinds of skin products you can use with charcoal as their key ingredient:

  • Face Wash

  • Scrub

  • Peel-Off Mask

  • Soap

How Can Charcoal Face Wash Change Your Look?

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As your skin faces extreme weather conditions along with pollution, it needs deep cleansing and nourishment to stay young and soft. A charcoal face wash will give you the following benefits over any other:

  • Deep Cleanses Pores: Charcoal has a nature of penetrating into the skin and absorb anything it comes across. So, the dirt and excess oil you have accumulated in the deeper layers of your skin over time will all be absorbed and washed away. The moment you wipe your face, you will feel freshness at a different level as the skin has got rid of a lot of toxins.
  • Gives a Younger Looking Skin: How can one wash make you look younger? It is only possible if the face wash is capable of cleansing your pores deeply and making it smaller and tighter after doing so. Well, charcoal does have the ability to do that! If you ever wash your face with it, you will see the radiance it will bring to your face.
  • Makes Complexion Whiter: Our genes and the amount of melanin produced in the deeper layers of the skin control your color. The more the melanin produced, the darker is your skin. Now, when your skin is exposed to the sun, the UV rays penetrate into it which activates melanin production. As charcoal absorbs everything it comes across, it controls the level of melanin in the skin too, making you look fairer.
  • Hydrates your Skin: As you clean the pores and deeper layers of your skin, it is able to absorb more water.  If you lightly dab the napkin on your face, your skin will be able to absorb more water. Thus, you feel hydrated.

How Does Charcoal Help as an Exfoliator?

Since charcoal is an excellent purifier, it can work wonders if you use it as a scrub. Usually, a scrub is made using granules of any ingredient. A charcoal scrub is extremely subtle as it contains tiny charcoal granules that won’t hurt your skin.  If you have a pimple prone sensitive skin, charcoal is the only scrub you should use. Since it purifies the skin and removes oil from the pores, it is the best scrub for oily skin. The following are the benefits you can get if you use a charcoal scrub:

  • Removes Blackheads: Blackheads and whiteheads usually form on oily skin. Dirt resides on your pores and gets stuck over there. Charcoal granules absorb this dirt and oil present on the surface and penetrate into your pores to perform the same function. This clears your skin deeply.
  • Deep Cleanses the Skin: Generally, you use scrubs to deep cleanse the skin. However, if you use charcoal, it will perform this function more effectively as it has the ability to absorb more of anything it comes across. It goes deep into the layers of your skin, absorbs all the toxins, and leaves your skin clear and healthy.
  • Prevents Acne & Pimples: Charcoal can remove oil as well as toxins from the deepest layers of your skin. As a result, it prevents infections caused due to excessively oily skin such as pimples and acne.
  • Removes Spots and Blemishes: Spots and blemishes are formed due to toxins present in the body as well as excessive production of sebum and melanin. When charcoal granules enter the layers of your skin, they absorb all these unwanted substances to revive it.

Charcoal Peel-Off Masks

peel off mask

Charcoal masks and packs are in right now. Since you know how it works by now, imagine what it can do if you keep it on your face for 15-20 minutes.

  • Treats Acne & Pimples: Since charcoal absorbs infectious particles along with dirt and oil, you can apply the mask on your face when you have acne or pimples. When you peel off the mask, you will see the pimple has become smaller.
  • Removes Spots and Blemishes: You can see spots and marks vanish to quit an extent in just one use of the peel-off mask. When charcoal stays on your skin for a span of time, it absorbs more and more of oil, sebum, and toxins that cause marks on the skin.
  • Removes Blackheads and Whiteheads: The charcoal mask starts absorbing dirt from the surface of the skin and goes deeper within to remove more oil and toxins. When you peel it off, you might see blackheads missing from your nose or chin.
  • Makes You Look Younger: When you peel off the mask, you will feel the skin is a bit tighter. As the skin gets rid of dirt, oil, and toxins, the pores on the skin will tighten and become smaller when you peel off the mask. This makes the skin look younger.
  • Makes Skin Fairer & Clearer: This goes without saying after knowing all that charcoal is capable of doing to your skin. Removing dirt and tan, it will give you a refreshing look.

Using Charcoal to Cleanse Your Whole Body

charcoal soap

Since charcoal can cleanse the skin very well, a soap containing charcoal will detoxify your entire body.

  • Even Tones the Skin: Often, we see that the color of the skin on the face is lighter than the rest of the body. This is because we tend to take care of the face more than the rest of the body. Even your hands and legs need deep cleansing and tan removal which is possible best when you use a charcoal soap.
  • Keeps You Healthy: Charcoal being a deep cleanser will eliminate toxins from the whole body if used as a soap. Using a charcoal soap daily in your bath along with a charcoal face wash will ensure that your skin and body remain healthy and free of germs.

Overall Benefits of Charcoal

To sum it up, charcoal is actually a detox. Whether you use it as a face wash, a scrub, a mask or a soap, it will give you the following skin benefits for sure:

  1. Deep cleanse your skin.
  2. Make your complexion whiter.
  3. Prevent acne, blackheads, or any other problem caused by oily skin.
  4. Even tone your skin.
  5. Hydrate your skin.
  6. Remove spots and marks.
  7. Remove signs of aging and tighten your skin.

If you’ve never used any kind of charcoal skincare products, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your first time experience. Shall we check out the store to help you further?

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