7 Benefits Of Activated Charcoal For Your Skin

7 Benefits Of Activated Charcoal For Your Skin

This blog tells you about the 7 benefits of activated charcoal for your skin.

Activated charcoal is a miraculous ingredient with multiple benefits. If you love taking care of your skin, do not miss out on this for sure. Among so many trending cosmetic products, you might find it difficult to choose the right product for your skin. But once you resort to the home ingredients, no doubt you will earn skin health and nourishment for free and in the manifold.

7 benefits of activated charcoal for your skin are below:

Let’s have a look at how activated charcoal can eradicate your skin issues and bless you with glowing, beautiful skin in return.

  • Purification of skin – Activated charcoal has the potential to drive out all your skin impurities and toxins just in a go. It absorbs dirt particles like a magnet and cleanses from the depths of the pores. Activated charcoal capsules can be well mixed with rose water and applied to your face. Rinse your face when the mask dries off properly.
  • Say goodbye to oily skin – Activated charcoal can easily squeeze out the excess oil in your skin. If your skin appears shiny due to the presence of excess sebum production, then activated charcoal can actually come to rescue you. You can choose to prepare a pack at home with 2-3 activated charcoal capsules, ½ spoon of Multani mitti, coconut oil, rosewater. Stir these ingredients well and the pack is ready to render the best benefits ever.
  • No more acne – To treat acne, rely on activated charcoal. It imparts your skin an unadulterated touch removing impurities and bacteria causing acne. In fact, you can also treat inflammation with this special ingredient. Activated charcoal capsules, aloe vera, tea tree oil altogether can form a mixture that ensures the eradication of acne-causing germs.
  • Wipe off blackheads – The process of removing blackheads in parlour is sure to bring down tears in your eyes. Blackheads are usually stubborn and are caused due to clogging of oil and dirt in the skin pores. An activated charcoal mask can peel off the dirt from the clogged pores and leave your skin clean, soft, and supple. Gelatin powder, activated charcoal powder, tea tree oil, honey can make a great face mask with better results. Blackheads will be removed effectively if you apply this pack twice a week.
  • Great exfoliating properties – There’s more to add to the list of benefits offered by activated charcoal. Its exfoliating properties help to shed off the layer of dead skin cells easily. Add white sugar, activated charcoal capsules, virgin olive oil, and essential oil, and mix the ingredients well to make a skin-friendly face scrub. This face scrub helps to peel off the dried skin cells and provides the scope for cell regeneration.
  • You can shrink your pores – Once your skin pores are enlarged, they get more prone to acne, pimples, and blackheads. This increases the signs of aging in your skin. But activated charcoal can shrink the pores and reduce inviting other skin ailments.
  • A great remedy for your hair too – Add this ingredient to your shampoo and it will reduce dandruff, itchy scalp, redness, and other multiple hair problems. What sounds more interesting is that activated charcoal detoxifies your hair, nourishes, and keeps it healthy at the same time. It also restores life to your dull hair weighed down by dirt and pollution. 

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